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Lost your pet? Animal Communicator Rozina Can help find your Loved One

Rozina Parveen

You have lost your pet, or he has been stolen – and are distraught and disturbed.
You rush to the police station in your vicinity but find no one takes your pleadings seriously. And understandably so, when so much other crime is keeping the police busy can you really complain?
You call up your friends, relatives and acquaintances, and other than sympathy and good wishes, no one is in a concrete position to help you on the ground. You naturally turn to the powerful social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp – and hope for the best. Yes, many times one does get help and then there are chances that it is all in vain.

At times like these, who can one turn to?

If you listen to Kolkata based PR professional Debalina Ghosh, you will be well served if you can touch base with Rozina Parveen, an e-Commerce trading professional, for help finding your lost, or ‘dog-napped’ pet.

Yes, Debalina had just lost her pet Rio, an eight-year-old Golden Retriever, and was running helter-skelter and did the rounds of the local police station. Luckily her complaint was received, and help was promised. But she knew, she and her family had to step it up if they were to see their beloved Rio again. And then she hopped onto social media – and noticed an offer of help from Rozina Parveen, an animal behavior specialist who claimed to have an ability to communicate with animals.

Perplexed and unwilling to believe, Debalina was wondering if at all she should take up the offer and if at all that would help in any way. But today, in her mind Rozina stands elevated in reverence.

“The kind of details she told me that helped recover our Rio, was uncanny and gave me goosebumps,” Debalina told Tricity Scoop.

For Rozina herself, it was nothing and just another day in her life. “I have been a nature and animal lover since I was a child and daily, I spend some time with both,” she said and added that “what she did was nothing extraordinary. If one practices, anyone can communicate with animals.”

Now, at present, staying at Burdwan, 100 km away from Kolkata, all that Rozina wanted were a few details – the name, breed and age of the dog, details and full name of pet parents and a photograph of Rio, the lost pet of Debalina.

“I communicate with animals using telepathy,” Rozina told Tricity Scoop, and added, usually communication between species takes place through the five senses – touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound (hearing). But she communicates by transfer of information through thoughts, emotions, intentions and feelings – and said she often gets guided by what is commonly called the sixth sense, or intuition.

“I send information to the animals, sending my thoughts to them through telepathy and I receive information also through the same channels and often get visuals,” Rozina said. And referring to the case of Debalina, she said that “once she established contact with Rio, she could find out that he was living at a place with two persons, that it was located near a petrol station, and there was a van outside the house, there was a purple building near it and that they had to cross an island to reach the spot.”

Now, a stunned Debalina confirmed to Tricity Scoop that they did find Rio at a place that was described to them. “It was so unbelievable, but true,” she said.


“The idea of an animal communicator was new to me. I was introduced to this world when my pet went missing. We were turning to every single adviser, be it home-grown Sherlock or priest at every house of worship. We didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. We were approached by an incredible animal communicator and explained the entire process and how it works. I was blown away; it was a success. Yes, animal communication is possible, and even more than that, when done right it is unbelievable how well it works,” Debalina said. Her brother Subhabrata thought her sister had lost her mind when she spoke about animal communicators. “My recent experience has altered my life and my beliefs. Animals can communicate well if they want to, and it worked in our case.”

Now what is more surprising is that Rozina could manage it “working from home”, located 100 km away. Actually, she belongs to Kolkata but has been staying there in Burdwan for some time.And this long-distance communication is nothing new to her.

“I have helped a missing pet case of Indore,” she said and most of the time, people come to her to find out what was wrong with their pet. “I am no veterinarian. But I can communicate with the animal and find out what is wrong. With this information, the treatment could be focused,” she said. Likewise, many people approach her for correcting the behavioral issues of their pets. Again, she said she can only find out the reasons through communicating.

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