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In Her Failure, Shivya Mishra Found Success, and How!

The amazing journey of Shivya Mishra, all of 25 years, from Delhi to Dubai and as a job creator, is certain to inspire many. More importantly, her achievement in turning her ‘failure’ into a pathway for success is what makes her different from the ‘normal successful’ persons.

She went on to prove the maxim, failure is the stepping stone of success. And it is for this reason, the life and times of this young girl can inspire many Plus two students, now stepping out into varsity life.

Eight years ago, Shivya was nervous about her future, not knowing what to do as her average marks in Plus two, failed to get her a seat in any of the colleges of the Delhi University. The year was 2013. Was she shattered, confused and scared about her future?

Well, yes, she was.

But how she overcame a harrowing time as a young teenager is what makes her achievement even more special.

Hailing from a lower-middle-class family from Delhi – father a school teacher and mother a housewife – Shivya knew she had to do something different, think out of the box, and see where her decisions would lead her. She was lucky that her two elder sisters, both academically well qualified and holding doctorates, were there to help, with information and accurate assessment of the situation.

“As I did not get admission into any college in regular courses, I took a shortcut,” Shivya told Tricity Scoop over the phone from Dubai, where she runs a digital marketing company, with clients drawn from all over the world. “I took admission in a German language course, attending classes in three different colleges in three years – Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Daulat Ram College, and Hansraj College – and managed to experience college life that at the time seemed impossible,” she said.

After finishing her German language course, she managed to get a job as a German Customer Sales Executive at a company in Greater Noida and was settling down to a mundane life. She had completed three years in the company, when one day her introspection about her life and what she wanted out of it, got her thinking it all afresh.

“So, I quit my job, as I was wanting to do something of my own, also because the salaried job would not give me the kind of life I wanted to live,” Shivya said as a matter of fact. It was the year 2019 when she went solo and got into social media management. Thus, was born Digital Explanations, a digital marketing agency based in Delhi. In her normal course of work as a digital marketer, branding expert, and celebrity manager, she helped celebrities, and brands grow their social media engagement and managed their reputation. Her work took her to Mumbai, where she rubbed shoulders with celebrities and business leaders.

One thing led to another, and she won a competition that took her to Dubai in 2020.

Exposure to the lively city with unlimited opportunities was just the thing that Shivya was looking for. But she has one big ask: of being able to convince her family, with strong middle-class values and bonding, and get permission to relocate. Staying away from the house was not something new for her and her family, as her work took her to Mumbai and other cities. But after work, she came back home.

But now this was different, she will have to live in a foreign land, all alone.

For the digital entrepreneur, as she describes herself, she settled into the new city and life that promised better tidings for her and her company.

As a digital entrepreneur and social media manager and influencer, with her pleasing personality, and capability to market concepts with ease due to her strong communication skills, Shivya collected an impressive list of clients, from Dubai, Europe, and America.

Her business model is as simple as it is efficient.

While she uses her presence in Dubai to garner business and assignments, the work — writing, designing, digital publishing — is done remotely at her offices in Delhi. Anyway, the pandemic has meant work from home. As Shivya does not have overhead costs, she can beat the competition when it comes to pricing. Her quality of work and service delivery enables her to retain clients.

What to speak of neighbours, friends, and relatives, her own younger brother is so inspired by her that he is now setting up his own business. “Yes, my digital marketing agency will help him too, but not free of cost,” quipped the hardcore businesswoman that Shivya has become.

It is a very proud Principal of DAV Public School, Anju Puri, who observed Shivya for nine years as a student, who is all praise of her achievements. “Shivya’s out-of-the-box thinking has made her very special in everyone’s eyes,” Anju Puri told Tricity Scoop.

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