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Getting the Sun to Work for You!!!

If you dream of aiming for the Sun, you may well achieve it. As a young lad in Jaipur, Rahul Gupta used to think about things to do with the sun and the energy he radiates – and when he grew up to grow a start-up, this is exactly what he did – garner electricity from the heat energy emitted by the planet sun.

Yes, the startup of this young Civil Engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee Rays Experts does just that – manufacturers install and run solar power projects for individual households to companies and colonies.

Rahul Gupta, solar energy to be precise, and started small with a 250 MW power plant some ten years ago.

Rahul Gupta

As MD and CEO of Rays Experts, Rahul Gupta turned the small firm he started in 2011 into one of India’s largest private-sector solar park developers. And perhaps even in the world. He has firmly established the company as a solar power solutions company, generating renewable power across the country. He claims to keep adding clients to his list, from small-scale sectors to big companies, and even households.

It started as a tiny startup – at a 250 KW solar power plant at Kolayat in Bikaner of Rajasthan in 2011. From there, in just over ten years, Rahul Gupta is close to achieving his dream of installing the world’s largest Solar Power Park of 3000 MWp capacity.

He and his team are close to acquiring the 1000 acres of land required for the project, also in Rajasthan, expected to be commissioned in one and half years from now.

An avid reader, he is constantly upgrading himself and the company on technical aspects of the manufacturing processes, and it is absolutely the latest cutting-edge technology he brings into anything he does.

It is a satisfied Gupta who is proud of the savings of 800,000 tons of coal per year and significant reductions in carbon emissions, through the installation of small, medium, and big solar power generation plants over the past decade and more. As the country’s solar power company, Rays Experts, designs and builds clean energy projects for residential, commercial, and industrial solar power generating plants. Clearly, its current and proposed plants have a substantial long-term impact on environment conservation.

“Using clean and renewable energy is one of the key steps in lowering our negative impact on the environment. Solar energy solutions are the answer to many of our environmental woes. We are confident that our current and future projects will have significant potential to create a greener future tomorrow,” Rahul Gupta told Tricity Scoop.

“We are proud of the fact that the range of our clients covers individuals and even small and big manufacturing companies,” Gupta said and added, “From developing the concept to its commissioning, we offer services across every level of solar power project development,” he said.

On the proposed 3000 MWp solar power project, Gupta said, “It is remarkable to see how the Indian renewable energy industry has advanced in the last few years. To achieve the 300 GW target by 2030, we are doing our bit.”

He further said, “In the current tariff levels, only the project with low return expectations can survive, and lowering the project risk can only help in lowering the return expectations. Our solar park is a major factor in risk reduction for solar developers.

As one of the early movers in this space, we are extremely proud to prepare the largest solar park in the world, which will further strengthen our position as a global leader in the solar industry.

Over the last 10 years, Rays Expert has established 2000 MW Solar Parks namely Corneight Solar Park, Jaisalmer, Kolayat Solar Park, Gajner Solar Park, Siwani Solar Park, and Mandsaur Solar Park in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh. Soltown Solar Park will soon join the list as one of the largest solar parks in the world.

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