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Dating Delhi Couple ‘Delivers’ A Baby Brand, & Marries

Paridhi and Chinar Goel

As a young mass media and journalism graduate, Paridhi Goel began her foray into journalism and became quite proficient in the profession. But her master’s in advertising and marketing, and her own ‘limiting’ experiences in the mainstream media activities “encouraged” her to opt out into trying something of her own – in the world of entrepreneurship.

It helped that her beau, whom she was dating, also logged into her mode of thinking, and together they stumbled upon an add-on product in his Gifting business – Rosewater as demanded by a client of his. And thus, was born, Love Earth, a homegrown brand in 2018, and since has not looked back.

And neither has Paridhi, whose life story so far, is the second back-to-back instance of a youngster trained for mass media opting out of the profession and getting into something relatively unrelated – and making a success out of it. If last week, I came across Monika Sharma, this week Paridhi showed how she went on a cute entrepreneurial journey has had a romantic angle to it.

“Bas dating karte, karte, we delivered a brand, Love Earth, a herbal and organic skincare brand, and now totally focused on bringing it up and growing it across India,” Paridhi told Tricity Scoop after squeezing out some time from her many work meetings. “Am working with designers, content writers, product manufacturers, influencers, models, artists, and almost everyone else, and am on the phone at least 18 hours a day,” she said and added, “I am loving every moment of it – the running of the business and the building the brand, its valuation, and profits.”

Paridhi and Chinar Goel were dating like any normal young couple in 2016 and gave birth to a brand during the process. In fact, Paridhi was still studying when Chinar’s Gifting Business was beginning to take off. Naturally, Paridhi would meddle in everything, and her meddling in fact proved to be a blessing for their joint enterprise – Love Earth – that started with the simple process of getting Rose Water a client of Chinar wanted.

And for Paridhi, only mother nature and the best of ingredients would do – and hence she took pains to make the rosewater the very best one available. In fact, when the product was used by a photographer, a big-time influencer then, and had her blogging to her followers, magic happened.

“Instantly we began to get bulk orders, and we began adding to the range of Rosewater with other skincare and beauty care products,” Paridhi said, of her journey of just over three years now. And by the way, in four times since they delivered their first baby – Love Earth – they decided and got married.

Now the couple is more focused to make the brand an even bigger entity and is working towards that.

The brand, with its origins as a gifting platform, turned into a personal care brand when a client demanded rosewater for her baby shower return favours. From then to now, the brand has over 50 personal care products. “We test all the products for months before they are launched, and are certified by WHO, Ministry of Ayush, Drug and cosmetic department, FSSAI,” Paridhi said.

“It takes at least anything between three and four months of intense research and testing for a product to emerge,” Paridhi said. Her husband Chinar handles offline marketing, Paridhi concentrates on digital marketing through various social media platforms and influencers. Her own company Instagram handle has over 1 Lakh 40 thousand loyal followers.

At present, Love Earth products are available on platforms like Purple, Nykaa, Tata Cliq, and on their official website. The products include solutions for different skin-related issues – from Face Oils and Face Creams to Makeup Removers and Face Tools, like their amethyst face roller and jade guasha, Love Earth enables consumers to achieve radiant and glowing skin. Some other products available are eye-lash growth serum, Vitamin C sunscreen, Face tools, and nail growth serum. The brand aims to provide quality products that are paraben and sulfate-free.

“We do not use any harsh chemicals or preservatives during the processing. We use only government-approved ingredients. Our price range is affordable,” she said adding with pride “Love Earth was among the first few homegrown brands to be listed on Nykaa in 2019.”

From the days when we were not earning, and even now, we as a company help people with livelihood options. We are very flexible with working hours and location. Some people work with us from their homes, and we are for the empowerment of such people.

Youngsters wanting to upgrade themselves either by learning the English language or computers are encouraged. In fact, that only helps the company with people with greater skills, she said.

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