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Chilli Butter Garlic Mushroom Noodles

Step 1
Put 2 tbsp of cooking oil and little salt in 1 litre of water. Bring it to a boil and blanched 2 packets of veg noodles with the help of a tong. Take out the noodles in a sieve, wash with cold water and mix the noodles with little cooking oil. Keep it aside.
Step 2
Next, heat a wok and wash it with cold oil to prevent the food sticking out. Add 2 tbsp cooking oil, 3 tbsp cooking butter and add diced mushrooms (button mushrooms 100 gms), minced garlic(5-6 cloves) and 2 red/green chillies. Put 1 tbsp black pepper powder and stir fry in high flame for 3-4 minutes. Let the water from the mushrooms recedes in a medium-high flame. It will take around 5-6 minutes.
Step 3
Now lower the flame and add the noodles into the wok. Mix all the ingredients nicely with a tong.  Add little salt as per your need and your chilli butter garlic mushroom noodles is ready to serve.

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