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Chandigarh Based Startup Aims To Save Millions Of Trees

The human race has taken a rapid and giant leap towards progress in the last couple of decades. Never before has our lives been so heavily influenced by digitization.

Ironically, this growth or advancement has not come without a heavy price. Research says that 15.3 billion trees are chopped down across the world every year.

In the age when there has been a lot of hue and cry over preserving forests and other natural resources, this figure is shocking to say the least.

So, the onus is on the entrepreneurs to look for ways that significantly reduce the use of paper in our professional lives because that’s where most of the paper waste is happening.

The good news is that young entrepreneurs are coming up with eco-friendly ways of doing a business. Chandigarh based startup – iTAPPIT- has come up with a striking idea of saving millions of trees by aiming to make professional and personal networking paper-free, contactless, and tech-enabled via smart business cards.

With more than 70% of business cards being wasted or trashed, iTappit has taken it upon themselves to utilize digital advancement and make earnest efforts to curb this menace.

iTappit digital business cards are not only ‘environment saviours’ but also enable you to customize these cards according to your preferred way of networking & introductions. By eliminating paper visiting cards, iTappit digital networking cards aim to make this planet greener and sustainable.

“By offering paperless, NFC enabled smart business cards to working professionals in this digital age, we have provided an eco-friendly, contact-less networking solution to working professionals who were looking for an efficient alternative than outdated, expensive, and pain-to-carry around paper business cards. With iTAPPIT, we have achieved two goals – contribute to preserving the environment and empower professionals from various industries with convenient, cost-effective, and information-rich business card”, says Param Kalra, Founder, iTappit.

He further informs that iTappit card is an elegant looking NFC enabled plastic card that contains contact number, social media links & other information desired to be shared by you via a simple tap or QR code scan.

For more details visit iTappit website

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