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The Healing Hands!

“The only way you can serve God is by serving other people”—Rick Warren. Making this phrase her life’s motto, Guranchal Pawar, Tricity’s leading physiotherapist, has been able to touch the hearts of many patients after healing them successfully through treatment in the last decade.

Making a Difference

Guranchal, who holds a Master’s degree in Musculoskeletal Disorders has been practising Physiotherapy since 2013. She first practised in Sector 19 and now runs a clinic, Healing Hands in Sector 21. Her clientele includes patients from diverse fields.

Recognised for her service, she was awarded by the I Can foundation in the field of women’s health care in 2022. She attributes her success to her mentors along with her late father who was a lawyer and her mother who is an artist.

Giving Back to the Society

“In the last decade, I have dealt with patients of all age groups. Children, youth and aged, all from time to time acquire injuries and need urgent medical attention. Physiotherapy as a separate branch has gained a lot of popularity now. I took up physiotherapy thinking I will move to Canada in search of better opportunities. And here I am, serving people in my country. I strive to upscale my abilities and reach out to the patients with care and love,” said Guranchal, who is also a Childbirth Educator and Certified Manual Cupping Therapist.

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