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Handcrafted Treasures for a Radiant Diwali!

In the heart of the Tricity, where creativity and craftsmanship converge, two homegrown brands have embarked on an extraordinary journey. They have woven a narrative that celebrates the essence of tradition and the spirit of innovation, all in the name of the Festival of Lights – Diwali.

Pataaree Wali Diwali! 

Designed and created exclusively in house by their incredibly talented team of designers and artisans, making a pataakedaar debut is Pataaree Studios’s ‘Pataaree Wali Diwali’ festive edit – an out of the box gifting collection inspired from childhood memory and the magic of the Nineties. Styled in marigold yellow and hot pink lotus and bandhej prints, each and every product is exclusive and has been beautifully handcrafted in-house using our recycled and scrap fabric. “From handmade firecracker torans, hamper baskets with doris and firecracker tassels, laddoo boxes and dabbas for sweets and dry fruit to adorable handmade pin and fridge magnet sets of anar, sutli bomb, rocket and chakri, the Pataaree Wali Diwali collection is a special mix ‘n’ match treat for our patrons,” says the founder of Pataaree, a wedding trousseau essentials brand, Shagun Bawa.

“Ever since we began our journey, our conscious endeavour at Pataaree has been of revival and restoration of tradition and culture. While weddings have been our forte, for the first time, we are extending this joy of celebration and gifting to the festival of lights, Diwali,”  she adds.

It’s not your ear hurting, bursting with crackers, and lined up with expensive crockery gifts’ Diwali. “It’s a ‘once upon a time, when we munched on sweet khilona shaped kheel batasha’ Diwali. It’s a Diwali that softly knocks on the doors of your ‘bachpan’, when you sat with your mother and watched her string genda phool torans, when you perched on your father’s shoulders and laughed all the way to the nukkad market to buy a box of those red laddis and shiny chakris, when you rummaged through the raddi for that one prized empty soda bottle for rocket launch, when you and your ‘dost’ cleared the gully roads just to watch an anar rise like a fountain of fireflies, when you rifled through the colourful homemade ghee laden laddoos and pinnis, when you gorged on piping hot pakoras and crispy jalebis, when you wore your brand new kurta pyjama and ghagra choli and stood as one with the entire mohalla, lit diyas and candles, and watched the firecrackers light up the sky.”

Inspired by the vibrant bazaars packed with festive goodies, the Pataaree Diwali festive edit presents a collection of handmade, handcrafted childhood memories. “While our fabric has been designed and printed in-house, each product is symbolic of a beautiful memory and has been lovingly handcrafted from our leftover fabric. It’s a sincere sustainable restoration and revival of craft. Come, be a part of Pataaree Wali Diwali,” says Shagun.

Create Memories with Mozimo 

It’s the season of festivities, and one thing that every festival or occasion is incomplete without is ‘something sweet’. This year, as they officially kickstart operations and celebrations, North India’s first bean to bar chocolate brand Mozimo, is all set to transport you and your loved ones to a world of decadent and flavourful artisanal handcrafted chocolates with their debut collection exclusively curated for Diwali gifting.

The entire idea behind Mozimo is to create a sensory and immersive experience, one that delivers a perfect balance of taste and texture, and an unforgettable feeling of a mouthful of luxury. “For us, Mozimo is not just a chocolate, it’s an indulgence. Each bar is exquisite, pure bliss and joy, and that, I feel, resonates with the spirit of Diwali. One would like to present their loved ones something truly special and extraordinary on this occasion, and our handcrafted, meticulously prepared range of sweet confection is just the right gift,” says Priyanka Gupta, co-founder Mozimo.

Raw and visually stunning, dark and intense, soft and buttery, crunchy and creamy, playful and delectable, each and every bark, bar, praline, dragee, rock, spread is a confectionary masterpiece. “No one says no to chocolate. It’s insanely popular. Evocative, pleasurable, magical, seductive, inspiring, playful, attractive, exciting and delicious – it brings all senses alive, and raises the bar of an occasion,” feels Priyanka, looking forward to their gourmet chocolate collection making Diwali memories sweeter.

“For us, chocolate goes beyond confection. It’s a canvas for creativity, a medium for exploration, a celebration of beauty. It’s also an endeavour to be part of the global craft chocolate revolution, and revel in the spectacular diversity of cocoa with best techniques, beans and equipment,” adds Amritanshu Agarwal, co-founder.

It’s a chocolate gourmet assortment handcrafted exclusively for chocolate lovers, striving to innovate and explore ways to curate treats that are not only delectable but also have a positive impact on health and the environment.

Intrepid travellers, consummate lovers of all things good and sweet, serial entrepreneurs Priyanka and Amritanshu ventured from south India to Italy in search of the perfect chocolate.

Time to create a memorable impression with some cocoa infused magic this Diwali. Mozimo is situated in the inner market in Sector 9, Chandigarh.

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