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Staying Abreast with the Fast-Paced World

Babita, Babita, Udayveer, Saleena & Sandeep

Presenting the story of Babita Gupta, Director, Thompson Career College of Health and Business, Mississauga, London (Ontario) and Markham, who moved out of the City Beautiful about five years ago, in the pursuit of a universal outlook for her children. She also works as a Mortgage Specialist in  Mississauga.

Why and when did you leave Chandigarh?

I left Chandigarh in 2015. The primary reason was to give the right education and environment to both my children. My son is studying engineering at Ryerson, while my daughter is doing her graduation in Criminology from the University of Toronto. It’s not that India doesn’t have colleges and universities; they do have some of the best in the world. But I felt that kids needed space and a universal outlook that would give them the right exposure to find their place in a world that is changing very fast.

What is the one thing that you miss here which was there in Chandigarh and is not here?

Nowadays, with modern means of communication, it’s not possible to miss something that badly. Yet, communities in India – friends and family – are tightly knit and that is one thing we do miss. Canada with its low density of population does at times make you feel lonely. And, you do yearn for those moments where you can just drive off and in minutes be with friends and family.

What is the best thing that you like here which is not there in Chandigarh?

Just the traffic or the lack of it. Honestly, at times that can be boring too. However, the drives to nearby holiday destinations can be beautiful and invigorating.

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