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Chandigarh’s Own Parul (Kimmy) Nagpal: A Beacon of Sustainability in the Tech World

In an inspiring narrative of transformation and dedication, Chandigarh’s own Parul Nagpal, better known as Kimmy in the tech world, has become a beacon of sustainability on the global stage. With roots deeply embedded in the educational soil of Punjab Engineering College (PEC) Chandigarh, where she earned her BE degree, Kimmy’s journey from a professional in e-commerce and retail to a vanguard of environmental sustainability epitomizes a remarkable shift catalyzed by a moment of profound realization during the global pandemic.

Parul Nagpal

The Epiphany:

It was amidst the unprecedented calm of the COVID-19 lockdown in Chandigarh, a city otherwise synonymous with the urban hostel-bustle, that Kimmy found her true calling. The sight and sounds of peacocks near her home, a rare occurrence in the pre-pandemic city life, sparked a deep interest in environmental conservation and sustainability. This moment of awakening set Kimmy on a path towards contributing to a more sustainable and greener planet.

The Leap of Faith:

Motivated by a newfound passion for sustainability, Kimmy, at the mature age of 37, ventured into a new academic challenge by pursuing a second master’s degree in sustainability at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. During her MBA, her leadership shone brightly as she became the president of the school’s Net Impact chapter, an organization committed to driving social and environmental change.

Impact Beyond Borders:

Kimmy’s impact soon crossed borders. Her significant role in researching the economic drivers for 21 APEC countries post-COVID led to her presenting at the APEC Business Advisory Council summit in Thailand in 2022. The quality and depth of her work garnered the attention of international leaders, including an invitation from James Marape, the current Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea to discuss sustainable ecosystem development strategies. Additionally, her contributions to IKEA’s circularity strategy in Malmo, Sweden, in 2023, have been pivotal in advancing global sustainability practices.

Charting New Territories:

Today, Kimmy Nagpal is at the forefront of Amazon’s initiative to minimize the environmental impact of consumer electronics as the Senior Product Manager of Sustainability for Amazon devices. Working in the heart of the SIlicon Valley, her role is critical in reducing carbon emissions through innovative practices in manufacturing, usage, transportation, and disposal of electronics, setting new sustainability benchmarks in the tech industry.

Chandigarh’s Pride:

From the lecture halls of Punjab Engineering College to the global stage, Kimmy’s journey is a source of immense pride for Chandigarh. Her transition from a successful career in e-commerce and retail to making significant strides in sustainability highlights her as a role model for aspiring environmentalists, especially women looking to make a mark in this vital field.

A Beacon of Hope and Inspiration:

Nagpal’s journey is more than an individual success story; it’s a clarion call for aspiring environmentalists, especially women, to pursue their passions in sustainability. Her achievements exemplify that it’s never too late to make a significant impact, serving as a motivation for the youth of Chandigarh and beyond to dream big and act for the greater good. Kimmy remains connected to her roots in Chandigarh, proving that no matter how far one travels, the journey home can inspire global change. Her story isn’t just about environmental conservation; it’s a narrative of hope, resilience, and the power of dreams nurtured in the heart of Chandigarh.


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