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Christmas Delights

Presenting some of the best Christmas delights from Tricity-based home bakers!

Shivani Singh Deo, Bake4Me Cake and Pastry

Shivani Singh Deo

Christmas Must-haves:

1)    Christmas Cake or Plum Cake (with or without rum): Rs. 1000/ kg

2)    Yule Log: Rs. 700 each

3)    Ginger Bread Man: Rs. 500 each

Shivani’s most famous Christmas delicacy is plum cake. It’s a super moist cake made in butter base with soaked berries, raisins, prunes, black currents and nuts. She has two variants in the plum cake, which includes a plum cake with soaked fruits in rum and the second variant is made in orange juice. This is a must-try.

Another Christmas delicacy worth-trying is Yule log which is made especially during the Christmas season. It is a super soft moist chocolate cake roll with chocolate ganache prepared in the form of wood log.

Their gingerbread man cake is another must-have. It’s a traditional butter cake with all spices, grated ginger and candied ginger. Every bite gives you a perfect taste of ginger!


Akriti Sharma & Jairoop Riar, Forks & Knives

Akriti Sharma & Jairoop Riar

Christmas Must-haves:

1)    Christmas Rum Cake With Marzipan Filling: Rs. 1600

2)    Plum cake (Non-alcoholic): Rs. 1500

3)    Assorted X-Mas Cookies: Rs. 300/box

Enjoy a range of 100% eggless, dairy-free, vegan goodies this Christmas with Tricity-based bakery, Forks & Knives. Dig into an amazingly moist boozy Rum cake with a special perfectly sweetened almond marzipan filling in the center. Of course, loaded with fruits and nuts.

Teetotaler you say? They got you covered! A rich Plum delicacy full of orange juice-soaked prunes and dry fruits. You’ll fall in love with this soft and warm cake for sure!

You’re bound to become a Cookie Monster with their irresistibly good cookies. They know your taste and they’ve perfected the recipes to give you an assortment of Chocolate chip cookies, spiced X-Mas Cookies, crunchy Ginger Cookies and Swedish jam drop cookies filled with orange marmalade.

Tanisha Goyal, Baking Paradise

Tanisha Goyal

Christmas Must-haves:

1) Christmas Plum Cake: 300 gm for Rs. 450,

500 gm for Rs. 650, and 700 gm for Rs. 850

2) Gajrela Pie: Rs. 450 for 6 inches

3) Hot Chocolate Bombs (Pack of 4 for Rs. 450):

Flavours: Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and caramel.

Tanisha Goyal’s Christmas delicacies speak volumes about a ‘Baking Paradise’! Her famous Christmas plum cake is a perfectly moist and soft cake with an amazing melt-in-the-mouth feel.

Each bite is loaded with goodness. Crunchiness of dry fruits along with juiciness of soaked dried fruits is the specialty of this famous soaked cake. This cake contains no alcohol. It is filled with cashews, raisins, walnuts, almonds, apricots, putted plum, dried kiwi, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, figs, dates and lastly, cherries. Baking Paradise’s second Christmas special delicacy is Gajrela pie and its fusion jars that are definitely worth trying.

Hot Chocolate Bombs are an all-time favourite. When you pour hot milk over these hot chocolate bombs, they melt and magically release the marshmallows and cocoa hiding inside.

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