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An Unconditional Love for Chandigarh

Even after travelling to 20 different countries, the heart of Thakur family still lies in the City Beautiful. In a candid tête-à-tête, Rishabh Thakur shares his story of moving to Texas!

Why and when did you leave Chandigarh?

I left Chandigarh in January 2010 to pursue higher education in Texas, US. Currently, I am living in Houston, Texas with my wife Tina and with my two boys Niam (3.5 years old) and Reyan (2 years old). Together we have travelled to 20 different countries, but Chandigarh is our favourite spot to come back to!

What is the best thing that you like here which is not there in Chandigarh?

I don’t miss the crazy driving and the traffic in Chandigarh these days. Moreover, we are just an hour drive away from the beach. So, it is always fun to go to for a beach day.

What is the one thing that you miss here which was there in Chandigarh and is not here?

The best thing I like or rather love are parents, who are still back in Tricity. Apart from that, I really miss the street food.

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