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An Enthralling Community of Artists

Artist: Saibal Karmakar

Art is to describe something of the self and of the soul instead of harping at the superficially beautiful. In fact, art dwells at the vital unconscious level of the human mind. The essence of art is the vision of the inner eye, the transcription, not of the religious, but of the spiritual and the occult. And the recent inauguration of Fegofact, an online e-commerce portal depicted this notion evidently.

The recent pandemic saw exhibitions being shut down and the art market gradually getting dried up. This brought frustration to numerous artists and art lovers. The launch of Fegofact at this juncture is indeed a timely effort and aims to provide a platform for all art lovers.

Artist: Shiju George

The event, with participants from India and abroad, was ably maneuvered by Nilanjana Ghosh. She took the viewers through an enlightened tour which began with the lighting of the lamp by Mr and Mrs Dipak Ghosh followed by a foreword where Mr Ghosh mentioned the cause for this initiative. A joint rendition of Vandana by Basudhara Roy Munshi and an illustrated painting by Mr Tirthankar Biswas marked a colourful beginning of the evening.

The ceremony was adorned by the gracious presence and words of eminent artist, scholar, journalist, critic Dr Navina Jafa, Ms Narayani Ganesh, Ms Neena Gulati and Mr Biswajit Jha.

They spoke on the relation between art and spirituality, how nature plays an important role in the field of art, how upcoming artists need to share thoughts or exchange ideas, take bits of advice and welcome criticisms to build on the rich traditions of their artistic forebears.

Artist: Uttam Bhattacharyya

Fegofact’s web gallery is showcased with diversified works by renowned artists on different mediums along with bold, exemplary experimentations by some young enthusiastic talented artists. This makes the tour of Fegofact a fascinating experience.

According to Mr Basudev Gangopadhyay, Fegofact has in store some unique experiences for art lovers viz. 3-D printed replicas of artefacts and virtual tours of art galleries and exhibition halls from where purchases can also be made online.

Fegofact also proposes augmented reality to have an interactive place where a buyer can select a frame to set an impression of the same in his living room. There are also plans for online live auction, if it is permitted by the laws of the land.

Artist: Uttam Bhattacharyya

Mr Debkumar Roy highlighted the component of sales which at the end of the day is an indispensable factor for any venture. Mr Vishwanath Narayan and Mr Arijit Sen, art enthusiast and patron, promised to extend their support for Fegofact all through.

After an interactive session with the chief guests, the event came to an end with an instrumental recital by Roopkatha Roy which left a soulful trail for all.

Fegofact promises to spread its wings to every nook and corner of the globe connecting artists with art collectors through a unique combination of technology and social entrepreneurship. As art sets you free, Fegofact offers every art lover to bring home an art today to discover something new inside and inspirational as well, as he reaches out to the world guided by its influence, entertainment and education.

The carefully designed website by Mr Subhasish Munshi entails how a piece of art can transform an apparent dullness into your feel-good factor which is the essence of Fegofact.

So, if you are an art lover looking for an enthralling piece and ready to go for its possession, Fegofact is the one-stop destination for you. Fegofact is a true art community where the talents of artists are manifested like never before!

You can reach out to Fegofact at different platforms:

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