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An Artistic Celebration

Artist Raman Bhardwaj has never failed to impress everyone with his artistic acumen and this Christmas celebration was no different.

He designed a VanGogh themed Christmas Tree in an event organized by Charlotte Center City Partners and ArtPop Street Gallery at Truist Center, Uptown Charlotte, NC in late November. There were 16 artists hired to decorate unique Christmas trees by each of them, which were displayed for 2 weeks for public view. Raman’s tree was a tribute to the great impressionist artist VanGogh.

He designed a portrait of VanGogh based on VanGogh’s paintings and created 100 stickers for wooden roundels to decorate the tree. He also used imitation sunflowers to decorate the tree, since Van Gogh is famous for his sunflower painting. People connected with this artsy tree as everyone loves VanGogh and it was unusual to see sunflowers on a Xmas tree.

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