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Amiraga’s Latest Collection Blossoms the Beauty of Nature

Epitomizing western oomph and elegance while appreciating the exquisiteness of Indian handicraft, Amiraga’s Fall Winter collection juxtaposes the beauty of nature’s most beautiful creation – flowers!

One of the most sought-after brands in the region, Amiraga gracefully celebrates the present day’s stylish and independent woman who appreciates superior quality aesthetics combined with artistic clothing and sustainable values.

The brainchild of Garima Goel, an alumnus of NIFT Delhi, Amiraga is renowned for its timeless vibrance, elegance and charm.

Garima discovered her flare for art and fashion while growing up, which helped her forge her path to Amiraga and ever since then, there has been no turning back!

“I firmly believe that clothing and fashion are forms of self-expression. So, we must use them thoughtfully. In my collection, I often make use of bold colors and patterns that take inspiration from human psychology, stories of art, nature, and varied travel adventures,” shared Garima, while adding that Amiraga has always been a staunch supporter of ensuring environmental sustainability, promoting Indian handicraft, and empowering artisans.

Syncing with the same, Amiraga has now launched their Fall Winter collection titled ‘Bloom’, which is inspired by the beauty of nature, hope, and a New World.

While shedding light on their latest collection, Garima shared, “Our collection comprises of pure silk and pure Pashmina Cashmere tops and capes. It is chic, feminine and dynamic; thereby breaking the shackles of stereotypes!”

“We have used a myriad range of colors and patterns that are inspired by the flora in evocative tones like pretty pink, charming peach, fiery red, teal blue, subtle beige, and elegant grey. The collection comes alive with stunning textures, vibrant colors, and intricate finishing. All the pieces are absolutely handmade, and each one of them is incredibly versatile,” she further added.

The Pashmina Cashmere products are handcrafted from the fine Cashmere Wool of Kashmiri goats and loomed by Kashmiri artisans. They’re handmade with the highest quality of materials and unconditional love. Hence, staying true to its belief of creating designs that give warmth, comfort, confidence, and a sense of opulence.

Garima has also developed a unique and luxurious collection of pure merino wool highly fashionable clothing for winter season where each product is handcrafted.

Soft, lightweight, cozy and one of a kind, all her products are made with the highest quality of merino wool, mulberry silk and tussah silk. The products are sustainable, eco-friendly, and as she likes to call it -‘heartcrafted’.

You can check out their collection on Instagram @amiragaworld.

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