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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Perfection

Becoming a great artist requires patience, perseverance, and dedication. Just like any other skill in life, art requires practice and consistency. There is no good art or bad art, there are simply different perceptions. Likewise, for artists!

Most importantly, if you wish to monetize your art, don’t get bogged down by judgement. Practice, display and engage. Seek appropriate mentorship. Keep the following points in mind while painting:

1. Be Patient: Time and patience is one of the most important points one needs to keep in mind because good things take time. Sooner or later, your work will get all the appreciation that it deserves!

2. Connect with Your Audience: When you’re out there showcasing your work on social media, you should know what your audience and your followers expect from you.

3. Aesthetic Presentation: Aesthetic backdrops and lighting to catchy music, everything has been my key to represent what I paint and that’s what makes my work stand out.

4. Never Compare Your Work: The biggest mistakes artists make is comparing their work with other artists, which is a big No. Instead of focusing on how you stack up next to someone else, invest that energy into comparing your recent work with the work you made six months ago, a year ago and five years ago.

5. Practice: The key to becoming a successful artist is practice because you can never learn enough, keep practicing and brushing up your work.

Mayank Dutt is a 22-year-old Professional Artist pursuing Computer Science Engineering from SRMIST Chennai. His Instagram handle is –

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