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Young Girl Pens Poetry On Her Journey From Self-Doubt to Self-Actualization

Twenty-three years old, Arshya Mandhar’s debut novel, Cosmic Affection was recently launched by Khushwant Singh, Author & State information Commissioner, Punjab.

While launching the book, Khushwant Singh modestly shared, “I am delighted to release young poetess, Arshya Mandhar’s debut book, Cosmic Affection.  At all of twenty-three, she has weaved verse which is very free and liberating. Reading her book has also helped me take a deep look into the mind of the young, making me realise that, that’s where the original and liberating creativity lies.”

Other eminent literary marvels of Tricity including Renee Singh, a prominent poet, author, columnist, and motivational speaker, and Dr CL Mandahar, Erstwhile Chairman of Botany Department, Panjab University and a renowned author for various books on Plant Viruses were also present at the occasion.

The Best Form of Creative Expression

“It’s been a pleasure interacting with the young Poet Arshya Mandhar. She is vivacious, full of raw energy, ready to take on the new world. Poetry I feel is the best form of creative expression, as all the emotions flowing in and out of the poet’s mind get captured in lyrical form. Arshya’s journey through poetic nuances has been beautiful and needs to be pondered over thoughtfully as she continues to muse over life. It will be a pleasure interacting with her fertile mind,” affirmed Renee.

While shedding light on her debut novel, Arshya shared, “This is my story of love, lust and loss. It talks about my journey that started from self-doubt and ended with self-actualization. I firmly believe in making amends, loving endlessly, falling hard, craving hugs, giving chances and making mistakes as long as I am moving forward (the let downs are simply temporary!).”

Cosmic Affection is a collection of poems inspired by the unconventional youth along with unhindered ideas about closure.

An Artistic Chaos

Arshya likes to call herself an ‘artistic chaos’ and her poetry helps her live upto that. She talks about her emotions as raw as they come and works towards spiking the lives of her readers with nothing but the truth. She uses imagery and attempts at painting a picture that may seem more honest than the reality itself!

Her work is inspired by the basic nature of human beings as she struggles with the notion of convenience in people’s lives. In the end it all comes down to the reader, as the poet requests all to practice self-love and be forever grateful for the mere accessories of life.

A Visionary Future

When asked about her future musings and endeavors, Arshya shared that she aspires to become an Advertising & Public Relations professional in the future.

“I would continue to write my musings as poetry because writing and reading those pieces gives me immense satisfaction and safe to say, calms my nerves when my head is a mess. Writing has always been a breath of fresh air for my mind and that’s why I term it ‘therapeutic’ for me. I believe that everyone has something to say and sometimes, it’s not as important for someone to listen to, but just important enough for you to express your thoughts,” she concluded.

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