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Young Author Shares ‘Pedagogical Thoughts’

Jammu-based young author, Sahaj Sabharwal is back with his second book ‘Pedagogical Thoughts Made Facts’ after the overwhelming success of his first book, ‘Poems By Sahaj Sabharwal’.

Sabharwal’s aim in life is to invent/discover something new as a Scientist or Researcher. He wants to do something new, which is done by a few, he is an inspiration of his own.

As he rightly states, “Be you. No need to update your view on society’s new view!”

His book, ‘Pedagogical Thoughts Made Facts’ contains poetry, poems, thoughts, quotes, stories and articles. In this book, most of the write-ups are based on real-life experiences and today’s thoughts written by Sahaj are indeed the future facts for others which is really motivating!

Every single piece of writing in this book contains a deep meaning, if you could relate. All the content in this book is original and is copyrighted by Sahaj Sabharwal. Moreover, Sahaj has set the Records Titled:

1.) Most numbers of times author used his own name in his book.

2.) Youngest person to write a book containing Pedagogical Thoughts.

Record description -: A single book titled ” Pedagogical Thoughts Made Facts ” written by Sahaj Sabharwal containing poems, thoughts, quotes, articles & stories based on social issues and real-life experiences for a positive mindset and a total of 440+ full names of ‘Sahaj Sabharwal’ in English in the whole book and total of 9 full names of ‘सहज सभरवाल’ after each Hindi write up.

Sahaj’s name will be present in the Exclusive World Records book and Delhi Book of Records. And from now onwards, Sahaj Sabharwal will be a multiple record holder making J&K and the whole of India proud of him by being a known young author of 2 books.

His first book was published when he was just 17 years old, containing 51 pages and now at the age of 19, his second book is out that contains 209 pages in total.

About the Author: Sahaj Sabharwal, a young writer and author was born on 17th March 2002. He lives in Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India. He has completed his schooling at Delhi Public School Jammu as a Non-Medical student. Now, he is a student of Aeronautical Engineering. His hobbies include writing thoughts, listening to music, discovering new things, exploring the world, writing and singing rap songs to mention but a few. He has been awarded many awards in poetry writing at the State level, National level and International level. He mostly writes motivational thoughts and on topics related to social issues for spreading awareness among the people. His writings are regularly published in many newspapers, magazines, websites, anthologies and other media platforms.

‘Pedagogical Thoughts Made Facts’ has been released in both paperback as well as in e-book format in India and soon it will be available on all major and minor stores worldwide in both paperback and e-book format. Currently, the book is available online at Amazon, Bluerose Store, Flipkart, Google Playbooks, and his official website (

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