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“Wild” Street Art!

Kotis Street art has commissioned artist Raman Bhardwaj to paint a 150 ft long mural based on the classic children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are”. Painted with aerosol cans on a grey concrete wall the mural is located behind a strip of shops, amidst trees and grass and features the cute monsters and the little boy Max from the storybook by Maurice Sendak.

A Much Favourite

The picture book has been a favourite of the masses since its publication in 1963. People in Greensboro city are very excited about this mural and visit with their kids to take pictures with it. The O’Henry Magazine of Greensboro carried the photo of this mural on the cover for their September 2021 issue.

An Artistic Transformation

Retaining the concrete along with the painted images creates a great contrast and shows the transformation of the wall into art. The mural further justifies the name “Where the wild things are” since it is surrounded by trees, uneven grassland, the sound of birds and insects, and a tiny creek flow nearby.

Following the Passion

For this Chandigarh artist, art comes naturally and after having spent most of the time in ‘City Beautiful’ he’s making waves in North Carolina, US.

Born in 1976, Raman Bhardwaj spent 40 years of his life in Chandigarh. He went to the Government College of Art in Sector 10 to pursue his BFA degree and also did an MA in History of Art from Panjab University. He emerged as the topper in both places since it was his subject of passion.

You can follow Raman at,, and @artistraman at Instagram.

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