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When the Mind is Without Fear…

Do you often introspect and realize that you’re now scared to eat? You start counting calories stored in a pack of biscuits every time you jump into a grocery store? Is your mind fearing the weight loss process now?

When you drop out of a diet, you feel that you may regain your weight back. You might not be able to stick to your scale for long which fills you with anxiety and disappointment.

In this case, your one-stop lifelong remedy is ‘Mindful eating’.

Mindful Eating is based on mindfulness. It is about using mindfulness to reach a state of full attention to your experiences, craving and physical cues while eating. Mind-fullness based approaches appear most effective in addressing binge eating, emotional eating and eating in response to external cues.

Mindfulness appears to work by an increased awareness of internal, rather than external cues to eat. Mindfulness and mindful eating have the potential to address problematic eating behaviours and the challenges many faces with controlling their food intake.

Encouraging a mindful eating approach would seem to be a positive message to be included in general weight management advice. However, adopting the practice may take more than a few adjustments in the way you approach.

Here’s How to Start!

-Begin with your mindful shopping list: Buy items thoughtfully and not out of an impulse.

-Distinguish between true hunger and non-hunger triggers for eating.

-Learn more about the signs of your stomach when it calls for hunger.

-Make appropriate use of your senses by observing colour, realizing smell, sizzling sounds, textures and flavours.

-Come to the table with an appetite, but not when ravenously hungry.

-Appreciate your food.

-Start with a small portion.

-Take small bites and chew thoroughly.

-Eat slowly with complete attention to your food. Don’t let the environment distract you.

-Observe the effects of food on your health.

-Eat to maintain your overall well-being.

When your mind is without fear, you have the courage to eat peacefully without punishing yourself for skipping meals or starving the entire day. Listen to your mind when you eat. The only key rule is ‘Respect your hunger and honour your fullness’.

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Anupreet Kaur Sobti is a Chandigarh based nutritionist & certified health and nutrition life coach, and founder of Dietaura. Dietaura is an online platform to meet health and diet related goals. Services offered by Dietaura are weight loss and weight gain programs, food intolerances, therapeutic nutrition, women health, paedtriatic nutrition, maintenance diet & detox diet at affordable prices. Clients are assisted with personalized diet plans & face to face diet counselling sessions with regular weekly follow ups.

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