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When Small is Beautiful

Every big thing has a small, humble beginning. 105Arts began with a big-small idea, and as we usher in the New Year, they’re excited to begin it with a big art exhibition, ‘Small is Beautiful’. A small format scintillating show, it brings 105 eminent artists from India and beyond and showcases more than 200 artworks under one roof for the first time ever in the City Beautiful, Chandigarh. An impressive line-up of artists with differing ethos, themes and mediums convey their signature style in a 12-inch by 12-inch canvas in this exhibit conceived and conceptualised by eminent artist and sculptor, Nagesh Goud and curated by Mehak Bhan.

A Colourful Rhapsody of  Art

The artworks in this exhibition cover an entire spectrum of colour and a gamut of themes. From nature, mythology, and religion to memories, folk art, love, life and longing, the artists paint vivid imaginations, with each artwork layered, captivating, striking a conversation, and unravelling myriad mysteries and stories. It’s a colourful rhapsody of art, pulsating with energy and vibrating with personality.

More than the theme, it’s the sheer size of the exhibition that strings the narrative of this exhibition. The uniformity in the presentation of the artworks acts as a blinker, removing any distraction caused by the size, and allowing the viewer to immerse fully.

The Only Language of Art is Art

Nagesh Goud, Artist, Sculptor, Curator shared, “My association with 105arts and Mehak Bhan started two years back, when my friend and contemporary artist, Sachin Jaltare rang up and said, ‘Mehak from Chandigarh is planning a show, and why not send her some works’. I was a little skeptical about this new gallery, and that too in Chandigarh. Sachin called again, and I agreed to send her some prints, which were sold in a week! I sent over some more works, and that’s how our relationship began, and I realised how serious she is about her work, and really wants to boost the art scene in her city. I’ve been curating shows and bringing together groups of artists and sculptures from Telangana and other regions for the same. We decided to do the same for Chandigarh, but with pressure and encouragement from friends, on a larger scale, but in a small format, one-foot by one-foot artworks. We reached out to the artists; everyone came on board unconditionally. What started as works from 75, swelled to 90, then 100, and my senior, Laxman Aelay suggested why not make it 105, fashioned after the gallery. So here we are, with 105, maybe even more artists, and artworks, already in a month! Senior most artists, who don’t work on such a small format, have also contributed their works. From students to mid-career to emerging and upcoming artists and seniors, works from all backgrounds will be on display. This is pure art – it has no religion, no north-south divide, and it doesn’t discriminate. The only language of art is art.”

Mehak Bhan

Mehak Bhan, Curator, 105arts Gallery further added, “This visually stimulating show has been a first on many levels, and most evidently on a structural level to exhibit the humongous number of artists and artworks under one roof in an art gallery in the best light possible. Nagesh Goud, who has brilliantly conceptualised this show has been a pillar of strength and a guiding light in this herculean task. It’s a new year, and with it, we bring a new perspective, a new thought, an exhibit that aspires to instil hope, resilience and a celebration of beauty and love, with a bit of magic. Each work of art gives you an opportunity to escape into a ‘one foot by one foot’ wonderland. Collectively, the artists and their works more than justify the title of the show. The exhibit is a beautiful melange which reminds us that less is more, and small is beautiful. The exhibition has been a game changer on many levels for a young art gallery like us. Not only were there a humongous number of artists to interact with, but there was also a huge number of artworks, their curation, and their display. It has been a lot of hard work yet intensely rewarding. The artist community from all parts of the country and beyond were most cooperative and went beyond the call of duty to help and coordinate with us. The exhibition is also an affordable chance to either start or build upon your art collection from a selection of works from renowned artists. Also, the small size of the works makes them the right fit for homes and offices of all sizes.”

Giving Back to the Society

All the proceeds from the show are being shared with Nanhi Jaan, a Tricity-based NGO that works towards the medical treatment of underprivileged children. “Nanhi Jaan is best suited to our theme, small is indeed beautiful including every Nanhi Jaan out there. The NGO, under the guidance of the managing trustee Dr Sandeep S Chhatwal is doing tremendous work for the well-being of children both in the field of medicine and education. It gives us great pleasure that we can make a contribution to this worthy cause,” Mehak Bhan informed.

“On behalf of team Nanhi Jaan, I appreciate the gesture and the thought behind sharing a part of the proceeds at the upcoming exhibition,” Dr Sandeep S Chhatwal concluded.

Exhibition: Small is Beautiful; Date: February 4 to 10, 2023; Timing: 11am to 6pm; Venue: 105 ARTS; #105, Sector 11, Chandigarh

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