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When Fashion Meets Sustainability: Saranac Exhibits Its Eco-Friendly Collection

Saranac – a luxurious fashion brand presented a confluence of eco-friendly and sustainably designed stylish clothing for the fashion aficionados of Tricity. The unique clothing line was displayed creatively with dummies and various props which showcased a very pertinent theme of ‘eco-friendliness and sustainability.’ The event also saw the launch of Saranac’s website.

Sustainable Style Takes Center Stage

“The USP of our label is that we create Sustainable and Eco-friendly fashion. Moreover, our designs are quite exquisite in their appeal. Saranac also aims at eliminating the middleman and offers creative clothing that is both functional and beautiful,” said Sam Biswas, President and CEO, of Saranac, while interacting with media persons.

Media was informed that the label has its own comprehensive self-grown marketplace with green clothing that changes the lives of people who are involved with the manufacturing cycle from seed to sale.

“Our brand is trying to fill the huge gap in the availability of sustainable -environment-friendly clothing. Our products also have a ‘direct connect’ with the buyers,” added Biswas.

Setting New Trends

Reflecting further, Saranac President and CEO Sam Biswas said: “The current booming young middle class in India aspires to wear world-class fashionwear at affordable prices and the quality of the top brands in the world. We aspire to meet this market need.”

In reply to a question from the media persons, Sam said the savings are passed on to our customers who pay a fraction of what they normally do for the current – retreated fashion in stores.

Talking about the label’s plan for expansion in Tricity, Biswas said, “Currently Saranac does not have any immediate plans of opening outlets in Chandigarh capital region as we are focusing on meeting market needs via the E-Commerce platform. However, there are plans to open brick-and-mortar stores in India and abroad. We have plans to launch this brand next year in the Americas and Europe.”

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