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Wedding Wows!

Three years, over 200 weddings across the world – the story of Shagun Bawa and Rekha Thakur and their exclusive wedding brand, Pataaree that brings to you customised wedding accessories, wedding décor, packaging, bridal trunks, vanity cases and more.

Shagun Bawa and Rekha Thakur

What’s the story behind the name ‘Pataaree’? What motivated you to start the same?

After spending nine years in the UK, working in the IT industry, I moved back home in 2011, and was looking for a change from the structured life of Great Britain. I wanted to explore the creative realm, something that was vibrant, colorful, chaotic and lively. The transition took time, and after dabbling in project management, human resources and design in my husband, Ketan Sharma’s company, I got more fascinated with the design element, and by 2016, Pataaree was born. Pataaree means a box in Punjabi and traditionally a ‘suhag pataaree’ is given to the bride as a part of her wedding trousseau. The name was picked up for that reason and also from our ‘pataaree’ emerges a range of products apt for all wedding ceremonies.The connection to tradition, the happy upbeat vibe of a wedding, the number of beautiful arrangements and things representing each ceremony were some of the main reasons for starting Pataaree. Along with my partner, Rekha Thakur, we were in a position to offer a personalised experience to people on the most important occasion of their lives, and that’s what motivates us to keep creating.

Tell us more about all that you have in store to offer?

We provide customised products for all wedding ceremonies, our speciality being the traditional motifs and designs, invitations are done in calligraphy, potlis embellished with beads and gota, the ‘suhaag peti’ bridal trunk matching the overall theme along with shagan envelopes, wedding favours, wedding props etc. Another favourite from the house of Pataaree is the Sahe chithi (the invitation letter from the bride’s family to the groom’s). It is your day, and so we customize to the last detail, and have a checklist too in case you miss out anything in the wedding daze!

What is the approximate price range?

Our products range anywhere between Rs 1,000/- to Rs 20,000/- It’s difficult to define a range as products are usually sold in ceremony collections and are customised according to client needs.

What are some of your best-selling products?

Our bestsellers are three carefully curated themes – the silken rich and royal tapestry of Banarsi, the playful colourful range of Satrangi and the soothing earthy pastels of Floral range. Our Bridal Trunks, Sahe Chithi, Choorah Kaleera Boxes are some of our top selling products created around these themes.

What does your upcoming collection entail?

We are working on our website and will soon kick-off a section on our exclusive merchandise. We are also looking at the possibility of creating designs where we can reuse our waste fabric. We realise the importance of sustainability, hence we are working on something keeping that in mind.

Stay tuned for more on that. Follow them on Instagram @pataaree. Visit Patarree at Plot no 181/37, First Floor, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh. Contact +91 7717347798

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