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Trippin’ on a trailer!

Among the many things that it has affected, Covid-19 has changed our travel plans for good. It has reinvented the way we conceive, plan and experience a break, and one of the trending outcomes is the rise in the use of an off-road bumper pull camping trailer.

Once considered as a post-retirement venture, camping trailers are today’s hotels on wheels, and are trending as India’s safest travel alternative. Enjoy, experience, soak in the great outdoors on your own timetable of check in and check out, at a safe, sanitized distance. And you don’t need to look anywhere to own one, for you can source a custom-made bumper pull camping trailer right here, in the heart of the Tricity, at Bullston.

A Lifetime Experience

“Youngsters, families, the millennials today are looking for more personalized, curated holidays that are not confined to the disconnected enclosure of a hotel room or the ‘been there done that’ holiday spots listed on websites. They want a one-of-a-kind adventure, a road trip they can enjoy on their terms and time. Towing that line of thought we came out with our adventure series, the off-road bumper pull camping trailers. All you have to do is tank up, get charged, hook up the trailer and drive on,” says the founder/owner of Bullston, Harjit S Rai.

Made in India, the Bullston camping trailers offer an experience of a lifetime with its travel size solid steel body and wooden interiors that come with an array of features and accessories at an affordable price. “A lot of R&D has gone into these trailers, to make them compact, withstand Indian terrain and be pulled easily by any midsize car,” says Rai.

From a chic little kitchenette, a showering area, deluxe bedding, awning and support gear to charging points, storage facility, water tank and three-day battery back-up, the Bullston camper trailers are the ideal adventure company for the wanderlust in you. Now, you can drive to any destination, park at a picturesque spot and switch to holiday mode.

Harjit S Rai

A Passion Project

Established in 2016, the Bullston Group of Industries has revolutionized the trailer business, market and manufacturing in the Indian subcontinent. In a short span of time, Bullston, has trail blazed into a leading brand of multi use trailer manufacturer and distributor in India, and globally with presence in Canada, USA and New Zealand.

Bullston is a passion project of visionary entrepreneur Harjit S Rai. A world-class rider and show jumper who has seen the equestrian world from close quarters, it’s Rai’s relentless hard work, pursuit for perfection, years of experience and extensive knowledge of trailers that has catapulted Bullston to a trailblazing trailer brand. His love for animals, especially horses, lust for adventure and a keen sense of design lends his products a premium edge. It has resulted in the Bullston trailers being structurally superior, applauded for their towing ease, safety, stability and comfort.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Each Bullston trailer is designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art industrial unit at Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab. From the construction of chassis, galvanized steel framework to fade and rust resistant premium paintwork and finish, customized interiors – Bullston’s wide range of trailers, floats, campers and bumper pull camping trailers are custom made to the highest specs to suit your need and requirement.

As the industry leader, Bullston is committed to the ongoing improvement and upgrading of its extensive line of trailers. Bullston continues to raise the bar with innovative features, exceptional workmanship, and attention to detail and safety. Bullston’s USP is being the first mover in the Indian trailer market, a grossly neglected segment in dire need of a well-researched, professionally made, safe and durable product of international standard.

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