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Treasuring the Beauty of Handicraft

Deriving from two Sanskrit words ‘treasure’ and ‘work of art’, Shilpkosh is a leading home décor brand which is out on their endeavour to provide utility to the aesthetics of an interior. But it’s not a usual home décor brand. It aims at uplifting and reviving the age-old artefacts, art forms, and most importantly, the artisans who have preserved the heritage and culture of India for centuries now.

Nurturing the Traditional Art Practices

The brand tries to infuse the long-established art practices into the modern things of everyday routine to make them more viable and relevant to today’s time.

The work adopted at Shilpkosh is simple yet effective. They collect artefacts from different parts of India. Among their many paintings and other products, you will be able to find the Channapatna toys of Karnataka, the Kalighat paintings of West Bengal, the authentic Madhubani drawings of Bihar and even the Varanasi toys. They collect these small trinkets and give them another dimension. And it does not stop here! They also mix and match them with different fabrics and create unique products. (You will not find the same item twice!)

The Brain Behind this Brand

This home décor brand was launched by a professional architect and interior designer, Meenu Prashar who wanted to bring something fresh and new to the market. Having been bored by the same design patterns and canvas paintings, Meenu came up with an idea to make three-dimensional paintings while educating her customers about the diverse art forms practised in our nation.

Apart from establishing this brand, she has been actively practising social services for the upliftment of society. She launched Cubs Club, an NGO, in which she has been conducting many activities for the past ten years.

Shilpkosh aims at bringing traditional Indian art to a global level and envisions to attract more and more buyers, so that the artisans can gain recognition and earn a livelihood.

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