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Time to Get Back to the Basics

The lockdown has given us the opportunity to work on the basics; to let our skin breathe without makeup products, to let our hair feel the wind instead of the cruel heating products, to let our simplicity shine through rather than blindly following fashion trends.

The idea of beauty is to be as natural and minimalist as possible. So, this article emphasizes on the right amount of hydration to achieve healthy skin and hair.

Here are some effective tips for the same:

  • Start your day with 3-4 glasses of water, it helps in cleansing your system.
  • Your breakfast should include one seasonal fruit and some soaked nuts to take care of the mineral requirements of your body.
  • Instead of consuming plain water, prepare detox water and keep sipping it.
  • Buttermilk has great health and skin benefits. So, make it a part of your diet.
  • You may ditch the conventional cup of tea/coffee and add green tea to your life.

We have mother nature’s blessings available to us right in our kitchen. The only key is being consistent. Trust me when I say beauty is not just cosmetic or superficial – it is skin deep!

Mrs Chandigarh 2019, Vijeta Bhateja Dixit is a Model and Lifestyle Coach.

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