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This Too, Shall Pass

Staying at home and feeling too overwhelmed due to the ongoing pandemic? The Insight Timer might just help you sail through this difficult phase!

Insight Timer – a free meditation app, which promises to ‘calm your mind, reduce anxiety, manage stress, enhance deep sleep, and improve happiness’ proves to be a blessing in disguise during this unprecedented challenging phase.

The application has in store an array of short meditation exercises that you can practice on the go! What’s more? An enormous collection of free meditation routines, soothing music tracks and a compilation of enticing content on a wide range of topics like mental wellness and spirituality.

Insight Timer’s library of guided meditations comes from proficient experts, psychologists, spiritual leaders, and teachers from top-notch universities like Harvard, Stanford, University of Oxford and lots more.

So, you may sign-up for the Insight Timer app to pave the way to mental well-being. Stay positive!

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