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This Monsoon, Gorge on These Healthy Delights!

As the monsoon season showers its blessings on Tricity, we cannot skip to appreciate the surreal splendor that this beautiful city entails. And needless to say, this season is best enjoyed while gorging on some of your favourite delectable delights with your loved ones (good company is always a cherry on the cake!).
While chai pakodas or coffee and cakes are seen to be a convenient and tasty option during this season, they are definitely not the healthiest decision that you can make for your health and well-being.
The pandemic has underlined the importance of having a good health, now more than ever. It is becoming increasingly imperative to follow a healthy lifestyle and the awareness about this is also seen to be increasing by leaps and bounds.
While exercise is the king for your overall well-being, nutrition is certainly the queen. So, if you want to build your successful kingdom, you need to pay emphasis on both – the king as well as the queen.
Therefore, we speak to eminent celebrity nutritionist, Amrit Deol, who sheds light on some tasty and healthy snacking options for this monsoon season.
1. Baked Potatoes: It is time to replace the pakodas and french fries with a healthier option – baked potatoes. Loaded with ample of benefits, baked potatoes are high on fiber, they help in digestion, and their high vitamin B6 content helps to break down carbohydrates and improve metabolism. This naturally low-fat and low-cholesterol food makes a great option for healthy snacking!
2. Dhokla: We often tend to neglect the health benefits of this Gujrati delicacy – dhokla. Packed with high protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients, Dhokla is not only tasty and easy to digest, but it also helps to manage the insulin levels.
3. Paneer Patty: A great alternative for the paneer or bread pakodas, paneer patty is comparatively light on the stomach and low on calories. Paneer is a noteworthy source of protein, vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium that makes paneer patty a tasty and healthy snacking option.
4. Peanut Masala Salad: When we are talking about healthy snacking, peanut masala salad is something that we cannot afford to miss! This protein-rich dish has the perfect amount of fiber, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, and vitamins B & E that help to fast track the weight loss process, improve digestion, and ensure a healthy functioning of the heart.
5. Besan Cheela: A quick and healthy savory Indian pancake, Besan Cheela is rich in soluble fiber that helps to lower the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and many other medical problems. This popular Indian snack is packed with a lot of good fats and whole wheat flour which is rich in protein content.
So, this monsoon, gorge on these tasty and healthy delights, and pave the way for your healthy lifestyle.
Amrit Deol is a certified nutritionist and lifestyle coach by NIS (Patiala). Over the years, he has carved his niche as a much sought-after nutritionist with a key emphasis on health and lifestyle coaching, weight management, and sports & child nutrition. The healthy weight transformation journey of his clientele across the globe has garnered a lot of appreciation for Amrit. You can follow him on Instagram @Deol_Amrit to know more about his fitness endeavours and get some quick fitness and healthy eating inspiration on the go!

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