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This Christmas, All We Pray for is Well-being!

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling,” aptly stated American novelist Edna Ferber and we couldn’t agree with her anymore!

This ever-popular quote by Ferber reverberates our hearts, especially this year when Christmas is not the same anymore. Even though it will be as special as it is, with pandemic around, celebrations are going to be more of a family affair and not about partying with friends as they used to be till last year.

So, we at Tricity Scoop, in this very special Christmas Special issue thought of connecting with Tricity residents to ask them about their plans for Christmas and what they wished from Santa this time. Read further to view very heartening responses.

Joseph and Vijay Baksh, Panchkula

Joseph & Vijay Baksh

We plan to celebrate this Christmas with our house staff by giving them gifts and food.

We wish that almighty God brings good health, peace and prosperity to the people who are suffering during these difficult times.

Ritu Kochhar and Lt. Col. Sumit Kochhar, Chandigarh

Ritu and Lt. Col. Sumit Kochhar with Son Kaustav

This year Christmas celebrations will be with close friends & family. Keeping the present situation in mind, we want to take all the necessary precautions as we have elders in the house. A cozy dinner by the fireplace is planned for the family. On the 25th morning, we plan to celebrate and make this Christmas special for the underprivileged children at a village closer to my place. We will try to bring cheer and joy to their faces and end this year on a happy and a more meaningful note!

Our Christmas wish from Santa is to help us overcome this situation and keep everyone healthy, happy, strong and positive. May 2021 be a good year and bring loads of happiness and reasons to celebrate for everyone! And of course, hopefully, the vaccines are a success and made available to everyone soon.

Daniel and Lily Banerjee, Chandigarh

Daniel & Lily Banerjee

Christmas time is a joyous time to celebrate with family & friends. Like every year, this year also we will have carol singing and feast at home. One thing which we are planning is to visit the home of the destitute and share Christmas goodies with the residents.

I wish that this phase of Pandemic passes quickly. People who are perturbed by the consequences get some relief. I also wish that peace & harmony prevail everywhere.

Piyush and Neha Sood, Chandigarh

Piyush & Neha Sood

We will celebrate Christmas this time in our house with family. Due to this pandemic, we couldn’t make any outside plans. We bought some presents for kids, some decorations, Christmas carols and a cake are what we are planning to do.

We wish the Santa to end this pandemic, which must be a common wish from everyone. We wish to keep those people safe who are sacrificing everything to keep us away from Coronavirus like doctors, nurses, police personnel etc. and to keep my family & friends safe.

Ritu Nag and Brig. Anurag Nag, Chandigarh

Ritu Nag with her husband Brig. Anurag Nag and daughters Trisha and Ria

How do I plan to celebrate? Well, maybe watch the Christmas film ‘It’s a wonderful life’ and catch up at the DSOI (Defence Services Officers Institute) with a couple of friends on Christmas Eve.

My Christmas wish from Santa is only one – to keep all our Defence personnel safe, secure and blessed. While we celebrate Christmas and New year with our loved ones, our soldiers are braving the biting cold somewhere on our frontiers, undeterred in their resolve to protect the nation. Jai Hind!

Navneet and Vandana Saxena, Mohali

Navneet & Vandana Saxena with their family

Christmas is a day of new beginnings, hope and healing, and a day to offer gratitude to the almighty. Full of bright colours and a cozy effervescent spirit, we will spend this day with our near and dear family & friends, creating moments of happiness and memories to cherish, and music to lighten and lights to brighten our hearts.

My Christmas wish from Santa is to give everyone the strength to take on whatever comes their way and to be able to stand in togetherness and turn all problems to dust. As a family experiencing COVID this Christmas, we celebrate the spirit of the COVID warriors. May the Angels of Jesus guide you to bravely undergo these times. Wish you a bright and radiant COVID free Christmas and a happy new year.

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