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Thinking Beyond Gender Identity

SMEBIZZ recently organized a grand event, SMEBIZZ MSME Star Awards show 2022, at Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, Delhi.

The event was graced by the Chief Guest, Mr Ramdas Athawale, Minister of Justice and Women Empowerment and Dr Subash Shankar, Union Minister of Education along with foreign Ambassadors and Diplomats from various countries.

In this phenomenal event, Sunaina Sindhwani launched her second novel titled The Purple Couch that narrates the true story of a bisexual woman.

Her book was launched by Chief guest, Mr Ram Das Athawale, Minister of Justice and Women Empowerment.

Sunaina Sindhwani shared a few words about her book and put light on the challenges and struggles of the LGBTQIA community and spread the message to treat them with utmost respect and dignity.

“When we think of sexuality, it is in terms of Male and Female. From birth to cremation, a person’s journey through this worldly life depends on his/her gender. Once given this gender identity, we are treated strictly in accordance with the roles these entail. Even our toys are gender-segregated to drill into the identity indifference. What if anyone does not like to be part of this duality? What if there are many among us (in fact, there are) who are inclined towards both sexes? These questions have haunted me for several years, as I wondered what becomes of these people as they negotiated their way through life. The logic I played inside my head was this: How is it their fault? I am yet to get an answer that has convinced me,” Sunaina shared.

She further added, “There is nothing abnormal in people with sexual orientations. What is abnormal is, indeed, society’s expectations of them to hide their identities. This book uncovers some of these norms as mere prejudices. As you go through it, you might experience an attitude change. This is the be-all and the end-all of this short real-life-inspired book.”

Sunaina was also awarded in the Social Author category for her unmatchable contributions to our society through her books. You can find her latest novel, The Purple Couch online as well as at offline bookstores.

You can follow Sunaina on Instagram at and on Facebook at

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