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The Treasure Trunk

Fanfare of festivities, riot of colour, flurry of activity, boxes of ‘matthi shakkar paare’, dancing tap of dholki and burst of boliyaan – there is an infectious vibe to the ‘vyah wala ghar’. But nothing compares to the pressure and rush of creating the ‘bridezilla’s’ treasured trousseau. House of Pataaree simplifies the process with top five trousseau essentials. Check them out.

 Trousseau Trunks – A brand new attire everyday for the blushing bride is the norm, and no trousseau is complete without the blessed trunks. While our mothers had their heavy duty ‘pettis’ packed with clothes, linen, quilts, durries and utensils, Pataaree has given the traditional trunk a stylish new twist. Check out the vintage shaped Bandhini trunks wrapped in the silks of Banarasi, in floral hues to hand-painted with love, customised exclusively for the bride.

Choorha Kaleera Box – Gone are the days of bringing home the Choorha and Kaleere in nondescript plastic wrapping and tacky boxes. For a whole ceremony dedicated to the Choorha-Kaleera, the box demands to be stunning. At Pataaree, we go an extra mile to curate just the right box to store this sacred part of the bride’s trousseau.

Vanity Case – Shringhaar is every woman’s right and more so of the newly wed. All that collection of lipsticks and kajal, perfumes, pins and clips, et al has to make its way into some box or bag. Why not pick a case with the trunk and choorha kaleera box? Make sure to pack in a vanity case for all the makeup essentials.

Maharani Jewellery Box – Just as soon as the ‘rishta’ gets finalised, the first thing mothers do is to finalise the jewellery. A bride’s security and prized possession, the trousseau’s star is the gold sets, the rings and bangles, shringhaar patti, anklets and earrings, and assortment of trinkets and baubles to adorn the bride. Make sure you compliment your trousseau with a jewellery box, especially Pataaree’s customized Maharani jewellery box to showcase your wedding day jewellery.

Round Pataaree – Weddings are ‘shaganada din’, and for this auspicious day there has to be the ‘shagana di pataaree’, called the “suhaag pataaree”, to be sent with the bride. This cute little round box stores ‘shagun kimithai’, mehndi, laal paranda, some jewellery and make up, one suit for the bride among other tidbits. Check out the exclusive round shaped boxes designed as ‘suhaag pataaree’ by Pataaree.

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