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The Strokes of Solitude: An Anthology of Life

An eminent author and professor from the region, Dr Ritu Kamra Kumar’s latest book, The Strokes of Solitude is seen to be the talk of the town for being an intriguing read.
Recently launched by Former IAS, motivational speaker and author, Vivek Atray, the book is a compilation of thought-provoking experiences of life.
While providing an insider’s view into the book, Dr Ritu shared, “The articles compiled in The Strokes of Solitude are my minute observations of life’s experiences. It is a unique expression of my thoughts which exposes the various facets of life; thereby filling my pot of learning with sublime sensibility, exalted experiences, and an emotional enthusiasm.”
She further elaborated, “These strokes of solitude have been transfixed on the canvas of this book with rainbow splash of hues portraying jocund joy, candid contemplations, lively longings, and a divine decree which is a part and parcel of human felicity, fret and fate.”
Presently working as an Associate Professor in the Post Graduate Department of English, Mukand Lal National College, Yamunanagar, Haryana, Dr Kumar has released two best-selling books prior to The Strokes of Solitude, which include  ‘Configurational Coordinates of Women’s Space in Selected Novels of Shashi Deshpande’ and ‘The Priceless Petals’.
Published by Authorspress, The Strokes of Solitude is divided into 5 interesting sections which include  Kith & Kin, Myriad Musings, Woman’s Word, Academia Aesthetic and Resonant Realities, which is followed by Readers’ Reflections.

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