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The Power of Subconscious Mind

Do you know that you can heal yourself with the power of your subconscious mind? Your subconscious mind has unbelievable and unlimited power. But to understand how to use our subconscious mind to heal our physical, mental or emotional sickness, we should vividly understand the two functions of our mind.

The ‘Mind’ Function

We all have only one mind, but our mind possesses two entirely different characteristics, two different functions. These functions of the mind are generally known as, “the objective and subjective mind” and/or “conscious or subconscious mind”.

To understand the function of our mind more clearly, we can assume our mind is a garden and we are the gardener. Who are planting seeds (thoughts) on our subconscious mind throughout the day? As we sow in our subconscious mind, so shall we reap.

The Impact of Thoughts

The quality of these seeds (thoughts) is based on our habits, lifestyle, upbringing and environment. Our every thought is a cause and every condition is its effect. Our subconscious mind is like soil which doesn’t make any difference between good or bad seeds. It just grows them.

So, if we want prosperity, happiness, peace, harmony, good health, we should sow the seeds of the same thought. If we do not sow these thoughts then automatically all thoughts of negativity like ill health, fear, poverty, sickness, jealousy, anger will take place. Therefore, it’s essential to take charge of our thoughts to get desired results.

When we deposit a good quality of thoughts in our subconscious mind, it brings magical results in our life!

An Example

Let’s take one more example to understand it more clearly. Our conscious mind is the captain of the ship (our life) and sends an order to man (subconscious mind) in the engine room, who in turn navigate the ship as per the order received. The man in the engine room doesn’t know where they are going, he simply follows the instructions. If the captain issues wrong instructions (based on this knowledge, experience or environment), the ship may go in the wrong direction or even hit a rock or iceberg.

Our subconscious mind simply takes the orders of the conscious mind whether it is right or wrong, good or bad, ethical or unethical, healthy or unhealthy for us.

Two more important points about our subconscious mind.

  1. It doesn’t understand, “NO”. If he generates thoughts like, “I don’t want to be poor”. I will understand it as,” I want to be poor” because “NO” is not in his dictionary.
  2. It understands the language of pictures only.

So, whatever we want in our life, we should be very careful in generating thoughts about that “WANT”. It should be a positive affirmation and we should visualize it.

Now coming to the main point, how can our subconscious mind heal us? Very simple. Start generating positive affirmation about your health. We can consciously repeat the following affirmation.

I am healthy.

My whole body is healthy.

I am leading a healthy life.

My mind and body are in perfect balance.

I am willing to release the negative thoughts that have created this.

Repeat this affirmation several times, especially while going to bed. Since our subconscious doesn’t apply logic, it simply accepts it as it is, follows the instructions and makes it happen. From day one, you will feel the difference.

Believe it and do it. This technique has the power to cure even fatal diseases.

Acharya Ravi Kumar Sardana is an experienced Reiki Healer, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and International Tarot card reader. He has led a distinguished career in the banking sector, which spanned over 38 years, post which he retired from the banking services as Principal and Deputy General Manager from the Bank of India.

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