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The Gourmet Gang

Being a food blogger is no cakewalk! While you must have the appetite to review/ cook food which tickles your taste buds, you also need to have a larger perspective on whether it will be a delight for common people or not. So, if you are a foodie, this one is a must-read as we talk to some prominent food bloggers of Tricity.

Ashish Singh, Age: 25, Followers: 113k

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

Ever since childhood, I wanted to do something out-of-the-box and as destiny would have it, I eventually found my inner-calling in blogging.

During my college days, my friends really used to appreciate my styling and humour, and they even used to take some styling advice from me every now and then. This motivated me to try my hand at social media influencing and rest as they say, is history!

The journey has been beautiful so far. I like to experiment new things on my Instagram account like sharing fashion inspiration, food recipes, and even funny videos. It has not only helped me garner a great reach amongst the youth but, has also helped me evolve as an individual. I am grateful to my followers, family, and friends who have made this journey worthwhile.

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

If I had to describe it in one word, it would be – everything (winks!). From the down-to-heart people to the picturesque beauty of Tricity, I simply love everything.

Jaspreet Singh & Kamaldeep Kaur, Age: Both 32, Followers: 23.1K

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

Food has always been the core center of our life. I (Jaspreet Singh) did my hotel management from IHM Chandigarh and later worked with a leading 5-star hotel chain for a while. I had later quit my job to join my dad in business, but food was like my 1st love. Not only do I love to read, explore & eat various dishes, I also love to cook. Thus, I started writing on Zomato in 2012. It was in 2015 that foodie_couple_chd came into existence after I got married to Kamaldeep. With the passage of time, Instagram came into the big picture and we slowly got people to follow us. Till this date, our main motto has been to get our followers the best of the best food; from the streets to 5-star hotels – we try to cover it all. So, there’s something for everyone!

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

Chandigarh is all about the way of a good life. Being a Union Territory, it not only has the influence of 2 states but also of the northern states. Being linked to the national capital by GT road, it has a national connection and NRI impact. All this adds up to make the city a multi-diverse community of people & food. Where some people are diet conscious, some want fried greasy food. Some love street food & some are into clubbing. Some like spicy food & some have a sweet tooth. Some want to spend lavishly & some look for pocket friendly places.

Suhani Sethi, Age: 25; Followers: 17.9K

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

Ever since I’ve seen Ratatouille, I’ve been fascinated by food critics. Being artistically inclined and indulged into eating, different cuisines have always fascinated me. You know how sometimes you order a meal and you don’t want to eat it at first because it’s so pretty? Well, that’s what got me into blogging. I’m passionate about food, learning, eating, experiencing and travelling to various places to try new foods and to influence people with that.

It doesn’t matter, American Burgers or Indian tikka masala or the sharp Thai flavours, meals shared make great memories. And that is how my journey has been – diverse and wonderfully amazing like the aromatic flavours of all the cuisines.

My journey has been great throughout. I’ve tried and experimented with food myself, explored different cuisines, travelled to different cities – from street food to food trucks to five stars, I’ve had my escapades, and it has been fantastic.

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

Chandigarh gloats of its astonishing design and views that is without a doubt a treat to the eyes but for me, the best thing about Chandigarh, is the amazing street food, chaat hawkers and the Chandigarh gedi route.

Anupam Goel, Age: 29; Followers: 10.5K

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

It was a pure coincidence for me. I always loved to share my experiences with food, life, health and travel. I would always tell my friends about different places, where the place is, how amazing the food is, what’s unique there, and how was my experience with it. So, one of my friends suggested that I write about my experiences, and that thing clicked with me. I started writing reviews and blogs. I started my journey of reviews and blogs from 2013 and since then through one medium or another, I am sharing my favourites with everyone. With Instagram, I got a wider audience and I shared my daily activities, places I am visiting, things I am eating, and if I cooked something and how it was, just everything. Not just limiting myself to one city, I keep on travelling, exploring new cities, the culture there, the food speciality of the place, the beauty of that place and then I share everything with my audience. I love seeing how creatively other people share their stories and it surely inspires me to become better. Though I always believe that with a great name comes great responsibility, and that’s why I maintain a balance between diet and lifestyle. I have started promoting good health as well by posting about my fitness journey, the impacts, and the need for it. I hope my work will be helpful for people and I keep evolving.

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

Chandigarh Tricity is much more than just a city for me. I am not a native but, I have been living here for more than 6 years and I feel so connected to this city. I have so many wonderful memories here. The peace you have here is unmatched. I have travelled so many cities in India, but the peace and beauty of Chandigarh is just one of its kind. Be it the greenery or the weather here, it’s just amazing. How not to fall for such a place!

Nisha Singh, Age: 24; Followers: 10.1K

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

I’m a Chandigarh-ite but I grew up in different cities in India, for most part of my life. I’m a defence brat so my life has been full of travelling and knowing different cultures in India. The best way to understand any person or culture is through its food and that coincided with the beginning of my enjoyment of all aspects of food. My real obsession with food started to grow at university as I began widening my abilities and influences of foods, and while cooking for myself and college friends.

My account @eliyst is a nod to my love for food & travel. I used it more like a personal diary and a way to recommend things and places to friends. It did quite well but then I got tired of writing so much and juggling it with work. However, I ended up joining Instagram after being nagged by my circle of food friends. I view my Instagram, and everything I do in the food world, purely as a hobby. The journey has been amazing & I cherish it every day.

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

The Community. Tricity is like a big joint family which is welcoming and supportive in its own way. I love the way everyone and everything is connected with mutual benefits. It’s a big home, my home!

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