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The ‘7 Minutes’ Workout Application!

Make fitness your favourite habit with this one-of-its-kind workout application.

A scientifically proven application to assist weight loss and improve cardiovascular functioning, the 7 Minutes Workout application is based on a High Intensity Circuit Training methodology.

Just as the name suggests, this workout application consists of 13 exercises spread across a mere time span of 7 minutes. Each exercise is planned for 30 seconds with a 10 seconds interval between each exercise. You can repeat sets of these exercises as per your pace ang get into shape quickly.

The application also allows you to take the 30 Day Challenge which includes three different plans such as easy plan, medium plan and hard plan – depending on the amount of time that you can dedicate towards exercising. In this way, you can even measure your progress over a month.

So, bid adieu to all the laziness and pave the way to a healthier you by just investing 7 minutes of each day!

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