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Tambola Time!

One of the most-loved multiplayer games in India, Tambola is a household name especially during kitty parties and get togethers. However, as social distancing becomes the new normal, kitty parties and get together sound like a distant fallacy but, that in no way stops you from playing Tambola with your near and dear ones!

Tambola – Indian Bingo by Octra allows  you to play the game online with players from across the globe. This online version is similar to the good-old Tambola game wherein the caller calls a randomly generated number/cue one at a time and all the players mark off the numbers on their tickets as the numbers are announced. The player who marks off all the numbers emerges to be the winner.

What’s more? You can play Tambola with virtual money with as many as 25 players at once.

So, this weekend, connect with your house party buddies and make the most of tambola time!

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