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Taking the Road Less Travelled

Malika Verma recently created history by getting the gold medal in Mechanical Engineering at PEC. It was not just an extra special moment for her to receive the medal from the President, Droupadi Murmu, but the fact that she is the second girl in the history of PEC who has topped in the subject made this feat even more memorable. The first girl who topped was in 1996 and Malika has now made it after 26 years!

In an exclusive interview, we spoke to Malika about her achievement, her source of inspiration and what she plans ahead.

You have recently created history by acing mechanical engineering at PEC. Tell us more about this accomplishment.

It was challenging for me to make my name and achieve a gold medal in the same. I believe accepting the challenges and working towards them helps one to explore inner strength. This has led me towards exploring my potential and finding my inner strength in this field. Hard work and determination towards my goal have helped me towards this achievement. It has not only made me academically strong but also mentally and emotionally. It has given me the strength to face real-world challenges.

Malika being felicitated by the President

It is not very usual to have girls studying mechanical engineering. What ignited your interest in this field of expertise?

This spark came from my childhood from my father who is my role model and a perfect engineer too. I followed him and it is still my dream to become a perfect engineer like him. He is my role model for what a perfect Engineer looks like. I have always admired his engineering skills and want to become like him.

With her family

What is your success mantra?

The success mantra for me is – whatever you want to achieve, keep your goals clear and strong, and work towards them with passion, determination, and hard work. Work with all your heart so that you can enjoy it while doing it. There is nothing impossible for anyone.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family?

I was born and brought up in Chandigarh, the city beautiful. My mother is my first teacher who has always stood by my side, grooming me into a better version of myself every day. It is her hard work and sacrifice which has made me what I am today. My father is a mechanical engineer. My younger sister is pursuing mechanical engineering too. Apart from academics, my passion towards art, music and cooking has been there since my childhood. I think art and music keep your inner self happy and keep your mind cool when you want a break. Chandigarh is a beautiful city, calm, full of greenery, a lake, and fresh air with a serene and soothing vibe. Chandigarh is a city of peace. I believe more heavy industries, IT companies and MNCs should come and grow in the coming future.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

It is my mantra that we should focus more on job creation and making in India. I have taken my step towards becoming an entrepreneur. I am expanding my father’s business in packaging machinery and working to automate and standardize the parts. In the coming 5 years, I see myself growing stronger as an individual and expanding my business across borders.

One final message for our readers.

Always follow your gut feeling. Give in your 100%.

If you can imagine something, you can achieve it also. Never give up on your dreams.

Change is the only constant and continually adapt to the changes to grow in life. Never be satisfied with what you have got, and always know that sky should be your only limit!

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