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Stay Positive, Stay Strong, Stay Safe!

The pandemic of COVID-19 has had our hands down. We all had enough of sickness, losses, sadness, gloom, restrictions, bad news, massive homelessness, and joblessness. Financial losses have been the order of the day for one year. Many people have experienced depression and anxiety.

The elderly who have been alone with medical problems have been hit very badly. Educational institutions have been closed most of the time. Exams got postponed or even cancelled. Routines have been thrown out of gear. Our healthcare systems proved to be so ill-prepared for a crisis like this. And a lot more.

While the effects of a pandemic cannot be ignored and overestimated, many of us realize that there have been few positive things sprinkled by nature in the deep misery of humanity. We have seen selfless service and philanthropy of the highest order during these days. We realized our strengths and deep value systems. We learnt to pay online to avoid standing in queues for cash withdrawals. We evolved the systems for online education to avoid wastage of time for the student community.

All of us got to know that we can manage well without the daily help of workers during lockdown periods. We discovered working from home while doing all the chores of the household. We started valuing the closeness of families again.

Seeking Solitude

Our soul seeks solitude which we got during the lockdown periods. Many of us thought it to be loneliness but mind you – contentment and serenity were realized by many of us during this period. People formed groups who came forward to help humanity via serving food, providing medicines, rations, sanitisers, masks, clothes books etc. many of us pursued our hobbies. I experienced solitude while sharing books and reading materials in this period. Cleaning was done by families on their own which prior to COVID 19 was handled by maids.

Find Your Happiness

Not just realising our strengths, we can spend time growing plants and tend to them, feed the hungry men and animals, and fulfill the inner need to serve. Do things which we have been waiting for and felt that we do not have time for; read, complete your pending tasks, enjoy time with children, play with them – something that we always miss. Contribute towards building a healthcare system for the family.

Practice COVID Appropriate Behaviour

Man is mortal. When the time comes, nothing can save us. And if our lifetime remains when we get affected by corona, we will survive despite having the worst of conditions. Though it is obligatory for the medical world to reduce human pain. Corona is just an attribution. If the time has come, any other factor could be the reason. Mass deaths instead of instilling fear should give us a reason to execute COVID appropriate behaviour.

Having said all of that – stay in, stay safe, wear masks, and most importantly, stay positive!

Raj Kumari Gupta was a Professor in the Department of Education in Panjab University, Chandigarh since 2006. Before this, she has worked as a Reader in same department since 1998. She has also served as the Extension Program Coordinator in the Department of Special Education, S.N.D.T. Women’s University, Mumbai since December 1988. Dr. Gupta has obtained Ph.D. in Psychology from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay. She has a varied background besides this. Her M.Sc. in Human Biology, M.Sc. in Psychology, M.Phil (Education), PG diplomas in Education Management and Human Resource Development and a six months certificate course in learning disability lend a rich dimension to her.

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