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Spreading Happiness

For twenty-three years old, Megha Patyal, being a Radio Jockey is all about spreading happiness and being content on the inside.

The journey which started about three years ago, is today a story of success for Megha Patyal, a Radio Jockey at Big FM, Chandigarh.

“The best thing about being an RJ is that even though I have so much to say when I host the shows, I do not really know who all are listening to me. Yet I can make many of them smile with my words, which is so satisfying. Moreover, when I get messages from our listeners, it brings a smile on my face too.”

A Priceless Feeling

Having the opportunity to help many people during the lockdown comprises to be the best memory for Megha. She says, “I also helped an expecting couple during lockdown with permissions and they thanked me by naming their daughter after me. I feel that feeling is really priceless.”

Promoting Young Talent

When asked about the key challenges that she had faced, Megha says, “I didn’t face any challenge from my organization, and I have been encouraged all through because of which I have been able to achieve so much. I have also been given the opportunity to host morning shows during prime time.”

“It is very important to give an opportunity to young people because not always experienced people should be preferred when young ones also need a chance to gain experience, and that’s how new becomes old,” she says, adding, “It took some time to get that experience and I managed to overcome the same.”

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