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Social Media Sensation: Panchkula’s 16-Year-Old Podcast Star

At the tender age of 16, Ruhi Sindhwani, a bright young talent, has become a sensation on social media platforms.

Hailing her roots from Panchkula, she recently completed her 10th grade from Hansraj Public School before embarking on a new chapter in her academic journey in Canada, where she will be pursuing her 11th grade studies. However, it is not just her academic pursuits that have garnered attention, but rather her captivating podcasts, which have gained popularity on Instagram.

Ruhi’s innate curiosity and desire to learn from the success stories of others compelled her to venture into the world of podcasting. During her stay in Panchkula for nearly a year, where she aimed to strengthen her foundation in science for her future aspirations in medicine, she simultaneously embarked on her podcasting endeavors. Now, as she returns to Canada to continue her studies, she plans to carry forward her passion for podcasting alongside her academic pursuits.

Tricity Scoop recently had the privilege of catching up with Ruhi for an exclusive interview, delving into her interests, aspirations, and her vision for the future of her podcasting journey!

At such a young age, what motivated you to pursue a career as a podcast artist?

I always wanted to do something unique and big and help people in a way that helps me too; that’s what made me pursue a career as a podcast artist. My mom has been my biggest inspiration for all this while, who constantly motivated me to pursue my passion.

Could you share the origins of the name “Hit it Off” and the story behind it?
I really want to make my interviews meaningful and keep the Gen Z vibe alive! So, I kept on telling my mom that whoever I interview, I want to make sure I hit it off with them and that’s how we landed on this name!

What notable accomplishments have you achieved thus far?
So far, I have interviewed many different celebrity influencers all from different fields like fashion, fitness, and social work. I recently also interviewed the Founder of Sikh aid, which has been a great accomplishment for me as I’m still starting out and interviewing such big personalities is very enriching.

What are your aspirations for the future?
My aspiration for the future is that I want to pursue medicine but at the same time, I also want to pursue podcasting and take it to a level where it inspires millions of lives. I want to keep my passion ignited along with my profession.

What aspect of Chandigarh Tricity do you find to be the most appealing?
The most appealing thing about Chandigarh is the lovely people and their diversity, beautiful cafes and the touch of nature.

What has been the key to your success so far?
The key to my success is my curiosity (to know the secret of others’ success) and consistency. I always follow my heart which leads me to the path of success.

If you could convey one message to all our readers, what would it be?
I am a very happy go lucky person and I believe that being grateful towards life is very important. Setting an intention behind everything you do makes your life so much more meaningful.

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