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Shining Behind the Lens

Ace photographer Sumit Malhotra started his artistic career over a decade ago with the vision to convert his passion into his profession and as destiny would have it, Sumit’s passion and skills got an array of awards and accolades to his credit.

An Artistic Eye

Sumit took the plunge by participating in different photography competitions for a few years and learnt the various concepts of photography while working in the field.

For him, the camera broadens an artistic eye and photography aesthetically showcases the things which usually get missed by the human eye.

Shining brighter with this photography acumen, Sumit has achieved many milestones in his professional photography career, starting from the year 2014 when he grabbed the second position in the Rose Festival Photography competition (Professional Category). With this achievement, he followed the competition each year and won consolation prizes thereafter for two consecutive years.

After winning many local art competitions with great recognitions, Sumit started showcasing his work on international platforms. He recently participated in two international art competitions and secured top ranks in both of them. Even during the COVID-19 era, he expanded his imagination and contributed indispensably to the online art initiative.

The Abstract Show 

‘The Abstract Show’ organised by an international art group called ‘All Visual Arts’ recognized his artwork in the Gold category. “My winning photograph displays an abstract art of rainfall. The photograph gives a painting look which speaks volumes about life on the streets during a heavy downpour,” shares Sumit.

6th International Action Photography Contest 2020

The other contest that he recently aced was the “6th International Action Photography Contest 2020” which was organised by the Art Photography India Group on the theme ‘Action’.

In this contest, he proved his mettle by emerging victorious from competitors from across the globe. His photograph which secured the first position depicts how a protest was handled by the police to control a mob. The water cannon used by the cops to stop a protestor to step further shows real ‘Action’. Handling such a situation is critical, however, his expertise captured the perfect shot.

The art competition was judged by a War Photographer and Filmmaker from Iran, Mahdieh Mirhabibi and Ratan Sonal, the Founder of Art Photography India Group.

An Avid Learner

A true learner at heart, Sumit always tries to learn from his past work in order to polish it further.

“As far as the competitions are concerned, I always take the first step myself to compete and judge my work at the respective level. This way I can improve my work by learning from others’ artwork as well. After winning such international competitions, I believe that my morale has really gone up and I look forward to participating more in such competitions that will help me to widen my thinking in the field of art,” Sumit concludes.

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