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Rang Barse!

Holi, as we all know, brings abundance of colours in our lives. While most of us still cherish those innocent childhood memories of playing Holi with our friends, when all of us would turn unrecognizable with our faces painted in different colours, the essence of the festival still remains intact. However, owing to the pandemic, this festival has now been confined to our homes and our family members.

So, with Holi being around the corner, we at Tricity Scoop, spoke to some prominent personalities of Tricity asking them what they love the most about Holi and how they plan to celebrate the festival of colours this year!


While Atul firmly believes that playing with colours or no colours is a matter of personal choice, he assures that there is definitely a phenomenal vibe of celebration, amity, freedom and playfulness in the air on this day which no one can deny. “One may attribute it to the season and the day selected. I like it because it teaches us to freak out and be tolerant side by side. Well-intended wicked pranks are fascinating. Not to talk of the sweets, pakoras, beers, DJs, and the arduous showers which do not clean you at all,” shares Sharma.

While talking about his plans for Holi, Sharma shares, “My Holi celebrations are not planned usually. Going to selected relatives and friends and having Gulaal pre-cautiously smeared on their cheeks and ears has been my routine for a while now. This gesture is reciprocated with equal enthusiasm. We, The Red Brick House, usually play some music in the house, informally though. I also play Raaga Kafi thumri (Aaj Khelo Sham Sang Holi) on Sitar at times, and not to miss Amir Khusro’s ‘Aaj Rang Hai’.”


For Yogesh, Holi is the festival of renewal and rejuvenation. He believes that Holi is the time when old gives way to the new, when the flowers bloom, nature is at its best, and when winter finally ends.

While sharing an insider’s view into his plans for celebrating Holi, Kumar shares, “Generally, I do not go out on Holi, instead, I welcome my friends and relatives at home. It’s a Gulaal-and-sweets-only-Holi at my place. My kids have re-introduced me to the excitement associated with Holi and shopping for balloons, pichkaris and Gulal which is a mandatory run-up to the festival. This year, I plan to spend my entire day playing with Gulaal and water along with my children. It’s an apt time to renew my resolve for a holistic fitness, both of body and mind. Also, it’s the perfect time to express our gratitude towards the Almighty and our ancestors who have blessed us immensely in every way. This Holi let us all take a pledge to work more consciously towards a green, healthy and safe earth.”


“Holi always brings out the child in me,” smiles author and poet Lily Swarn.

She adds, “Holi has been all about the memories of hunting out in a white ensemble with a multicoloured scarf or dupatta and acquiring the most vicious looking colours to blend in a bucketful of water. Hiding on our terrace to fling it on unsuspecting visitors. Obediently applying gulaal on the cheeks or foreheads of seniors while waiting impatiently to rush away with a gang of feisty friends from the college and university in open jeeps and two-wheelers. The city streets were safe, but girls had to be on the lookout for pawing by lecherous gentlemen. Drunk mobs were often beaten up by robust boys. The cooling thandai and exotic gujiyas are my memories of holi spent as an army wife. Much bonhomie, singing boisterously and dancing in gay abandon. In Kathua, I made beautiful organic colour by soaking Tesu (flame of the forest ) flowers. I also cherish the Mehfils in Allahabad where traditional Hori and Kajri were sung by renowned voices. The stack of wood and twigs on crossroads where Holi was ‘burnt ‘and the warmth of sweets and Dahi Burra when friends came for Holi Milan. This went on for many days!”

She further informs that this year, she is visiting her daughter in Michigan, USA so it is bound to be a unique holi for her and her family!


For interior designer and fitness coach Jyotika Chawla, this Holi is all about inspiring the people around her to enjoy this festival with lots of colours which would satisfy the ‘Hidden Artist’ in everyone and dress themselves as funky and stylish as one can— the way we can’t imagine dressing ourselves in our day to day life!

A mother of a 13-year old, Chawla plans to enjoy this festival in this way only. She affirms, “If you are happy, happiness will come to you as happiness wants to go where happiness is. I feel extremely mesmerized when I shop for all the Holi products in the market as they add flavours to the festival. I now feel that Holi is really theme-based and as a fitness freak, I feel that being happy always adds to you being healthier and more fit as the body starts functioning much more efficiently than before.”

“For me, Holi is all about music, dance, enjoying out as if no one is watching us, and being mad in a variety of colours with friends and family. I believe that the best colour is the one that looks good on you, which is definitely your smile of happiness. So, in the end, I would like to say that paint your life in bright colours and bold strokes,” Chawla concludes.


While dancer and therapist, Jas feels that she is not a very Holi person, she can’t deny the fact that she simply loves Holi for the fact that it’s so colourful and it brings along a very jovial vibe with everyone around wanting to be indulged in the intimacy of putting those colours around and having fun and enjoying together. “The togetherness is something that I really enjoy and of course, the myriad colours can never be underestimated. They have their own therapy around you. But, I am a dry Holi person, and I love to play with dry colours until or unless they are forced on you which is the only thing about Holi that I don’t enjoy. It’s a beautiful occasion where you can embrace each other and show love; the feeling of eating together and sitting in the sun is beautiful. Due to the rising COVID cases, this year it will be a virtual Holi with everyone dressed up for the occasion with colour on their faces. We will have a passive Holi, but we will keep the essence alive,” she informs.


For Panchkula-based Fashion Blogger, Mohini Marwaha, Holi is all about the essence of celebrating togetherness and the vibrant colours of life. She shares, “One thing that I love the most about Holi is the vibrance of colours and everyone coming together and celebrating it with a lot of dancing and singing. Holi is the arrival of spring, the end of winter, and the blossoming of love. It involves a lot of hugs from the loved ones and not to forget, the yummy delights like gujia and thandai prove to be a blessing in disguise.”

While talking about her plans for Holi this year, Marwaha shares, “Owing to the pandemic, this year Holi won’t be as normal as it usually used to be. However, I still look forward to meeting my immediate family. We will have a close-knit get-together and eat good food. After all, good food is a good mood!”

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