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Open the Trunk of Love Stories

‘Love’ – a word that is often easier to say but difficult to describe. So, as the world celebrates love with valentine’s day being around the corner, we ask our readers about what love means to them!

Describing the Meaning of Love

Poviet Kaur

I think love is when everything falls in place by itself, and one actually does not have to put any extra effort or push the boundaries just to justify it. You feel rewarded and experience warmth and closeness just by the presence of the person.

Mubarak Sandhu

Love is caring about your partner’s emotions before yours.


Sheena Chohan

Admiration, a heavy level of admiration, betokens a sort of respect. If you really admire somebody – you’d have to have some understanding of existence and some understanding of him or her. And believe me, it would have a lot more pleasantness and a lot more duration than this thing called ‘love’.

Admiration: to admire existence, to find interest, pleasant interest or pleasant excitement in life itself, its motion and action; to be able to respect and admire livingness in a thing rather than to trap and cage that livingness for possession. And that would be the difference between love and admiration.

My favourite quote is, “A thing, which is loved has to be trapped and caged, and a thing which is admired is a thing which you would like to see free.” – LRH

Munish Dhiman

There may be thousands of definitions of Love which may vary from person to person but for most of the people, it is that feeling that makes you selfless and goes beyond formalities. For me, Love is a feeling that makes you feel good, important & special in several ways. It is sharing, caring, understanding & thinking about your beloved’s happiness before anything else. Love is that cute smile on your partner’s face when he/she sees you or thinks about you.

Arun and Kamlesh

59 years of togetherness has been a wonderful journey for us. It’s not that we celebrate Valentine’s Day only once a year but every day, every minute.


Ananya Sharma

For me, love is all about caring and respecting each other. It’s where you help each other grow and become a better version of yourself. You accept the person with their flaws and appreciate them for who they are. The feeling that there is someone in their lives who is so invested in them and makes them feel special is one of the best feelings. Love is not a crime but still, you willingly want to be handcuffed with that one special person for your entire life.

Atul Sharma

Write ‘CARE’ 50 times!



Lily Swarn

Love is the strains of his music in your flute, the proud smile on your face at his victories, the flutter in your heart at the sound of his voice. Love is losing yourself and being him. The sensation of completeness because he exists. The scalding fire, the constant ache.

Aseem Arora

Well, at my age, and having been married for more than seven years, I would state love is a deep affection for someone that comes along with a lot of responsibility. To say I love you as deeply as you can say sorry.

Anshu Seth

Love is craving to be in each other’s company even after 25 years of marriage.

Watching the same series on Netflix, going for coffee dates, laughing over stupid jokes cracked by either, sending flowers to lift the mood, and playing truant from work to watch the new Bollywood release.

Kuldip Singh Walia

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February every year and revolves around the concept of ‘Valentine’. A person’s Valentine can be anybody with whom they associate feelings of love, admiration, and happiness. A friend, significant other, parent, grandparent, or pet. Since Valentine’s Day is almost here, we share some wishes and messages that you could use to send to your loved ones to wish them on this joyous occasion and express your love for them.

Gargi Arora

There are some who say, ‘I love you’, and there are some who love.

Atish Sharma

Love is a noxious wine meant for the Gods, fairies, and mermaids. Humans are not fit to devour it, because if they do, they go mad. So, next time you are in love, make sure that you have an affinity to offer because to be in love is to be at peace which requires comfort, space and understanding in a relationship.

Sheetal Dadhwal

We all say it means different things for different individuals, which is true, but I believe the common thread that we often overlook in Love is to remember that we want each other to be happy together as well as individually. It is as simple as breathing and needs no assurance or extra effort to prove. In the times wherein expressions of love have changed to expensive gifts, PDAs and dedicated posts, we have made it complex and short-lived. Furthermore, with options to love again being just a swipe/DM away, the pressure to be in love has become bigger than the feeling of love itself. We are all married to the idea of love and not love, that’s why often love or marriages don’t last these days.

Vineet Gandhi

Love is when another person starts to naturally take up space in your mind, and their needs and desires start to matter more and more to you over time.


Avneet Kaur Bedi

Love is a divine connection with someone special. Love is all about how you express it. It’s about your feelings, bonding with that special one with whom you feel secure and warm, you feel happy and share all your happiness and sorrows. Love is beyond one relationship – it can be with your mother, father, brother, or close friend. Love is far more than to be said, it’s about the connection from a true heart.

Amrinderjit Singh

Love is one of the most beautiful things to be experienced. I define my true love with nature and abstract which always keep my surroundings full of positivity and imagination to do creative work. A journey with love always has a fruitful destination.

Dimple Datta

Love makes life beautiful and exciting. The intense deep feelings of affection that makes you strong enough to accept people the way they are, that is love. Imperfections don’t matter anymore. It helps you grow emotionally and spiritually. Love sets you free.

Surinder Bahga

Love is a sensitivity, a concern, a feeling, a trust between two souls. It cannot and should not be based on expectations, greed, or opportunism. It is mutual faith, not a deal. Let us not restrict love to a relationship between male and female. Love has a much larger meaning, indeed. Love can be between mother and child, between brother and sister, and between God and his creation.

Sunaina Sindhwani

Love is the most beautiful, poise and powerful emotion in the universe.

Love brings out the best in you and makes you a better human being.

It is Love only which can create miracles and make you move mountains for your loved ones.

Love is an absolute freedom where one feels attached and detached at the same point.

On this Valentine’s day, I want to say to my readers to Love themselves first and give the same love to others also.

Jasmit Kaur

हमें क्या मालूम था कि प्यार क्या होता है,

बस इक तुम मिले और जिंदगी मोहब्बत बन गई।

Humein kya maaloom tha ki pyar kya hota hai,

Bas ik tum mile aur zindagi mohabbat bann gayi.


Dr Atul S Joshi

Love is divine since it’s one of the prime manifestations of the soul’s qualities. It binds mankind in its myriad of shades. This love, when expressed under all circumstances – in family, social and national life – expands to embrace the whole world. This is what the sages and spirituality talks about. Let this pure emotion not be trivialized.

Babita Sagar

जितना भी गुस्सा है तेरा

पी जाने को दिल करता है

तुझे जो ज़ख्म दिए ज़माने ने

उन्हें सी जाने को दिल करता है

के ज़िंदगी तो बहुत छोटी है मेरी

तेरा साथ पाने को  हमसफर

तेरे साथ तो कई जन्मों जन्म

जी जाने को दिल करता है

Vibha Aggarwal

In my point of view, the definition of Love is unconditional care, trust, and loyalty.

Sarabjit Singh Bahga

Love is a deep emotional attachment to someone, something, some profession, nature, or God. It varies with age – for kids, it is for mothers; for youngsters, it is for spouses; for others, it is for their professions. True love is the key to true happiness, but one must distinguish between Selfish Love and Selfless Love.

Jaffy Garg

Love is a mysterious emotion that defies definition. It is an intense feeling of connection between two people that is rooted in mutual understanding and respect. It is a unique and powerful bond that can bring immense joy and comfort to those who experience it. Love can be expressed through grand romantic gestures or simple acts of kindness. Ultimately, love is a feeling that can only be understood by the heart.

Akanksha Sharma

Love is a beautiful cocktail of vulnerability & innocence. It’s when you have a comforting hand/ a presence by your side even when life throws curveballs at you. From coexisting with different opinions to growing together, it’s an emotional roller coaster that you & your partner willingly wish to be a part of! Happy Valentine’s day!


Love is when a person makes you see things that you didn’t notice earlier. Love is when a person gives a new direction to your life, so that it helps you grow. The beauty of the word love is that it can never be defined. It can only be felt. The thought that you can literally give up everything just to see them happy. This, my dear friend, is love. Stop finding the definition. Go out and feel love. Spread love. This world really needs it a lot.

Renuka Salwan

Love to me is a feeling which gives unexpected depth to the relationship and helps in building each other up with total acceptance, trust, and open communication lines without being judgmental. Freedom is essential to love. Without the ability to be yourself and express yourself freely, love suffocates and quickly evaporates.


Saurav Chettri

“Love is a sentiment not able to be characterized by words”

For me, love is the most secure feeling. Love is having a companion, best friend, lover, partner, sounding board, cheerleader, advisor, and cuddle buddy through every avenue in the journey of life.

Jyoti Dogra

Love is Divine, love is Eternal, love is Pure! Love can’t be defined. It is a feeling that can be expressed not only by words but more with gestures, with care, and by showing concern!

A mother’s care right from the time she conceives – is love for her child, how she brings up her child is her love. Father shows his love by generating all comforts for his child. God shows his love by giving an abundance of natural resources to all living beings. When brother and sister care for each other, it is love, love is not only meant for lovers to say, ‘I love you!’ We should respect the sanctity of love, because if it loses its sanctity there is no LOVE!

“LOVE IS ONLY LOVE”. No return, no expectations, no grudges, no revenge, and no nonsense!

Meenakshi Arora

An unsaid feeling that not only touches your heart but also your soul. There are no explanations, but still, both understand.

Roopy Dhillon

Love is a universal feeling which encompasses kindness for all beings on the planet. True love is unconditional. It is acceptance of good and bad points in an individual without expectations. Love is empathy. You can understand others’ pain. Love is helping people in need and compassion.

Jyoti Subramanian

Love, for me, is a way of being. Just like a flower blooms and releases fragrance no matter if anyone is watching or not, love needs no ‘other’ to love. One is saturated and the love overflows, encompasses all, animate and inanimate, human, animal, plants, and the cosmos.

Ajay Jagga

It’s a feeling for someone or something, thus even without visibility. Love is when you care without expectation i.e., unconditional giving. Devotion to the extent of forgetfulness of everything else and it converts loneliness to aloneness. The receiver of this feeling need not be obliged necessarily. It can be for almighty, self or others. It’s a gift of divinity.

Yuvika Grewal

Love is a bottle of eue de parfume. It never smells the same on different people. Just as fragrances can vary in their scent depending on the person wearing it, love can also take on different forms and express itself in unique ways based on the individuals involved. The idea is that just like no two fragrances are alike, no two experiences of love are exactly the same.

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