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Of Love, Lohri and Patakha Guddi!

It’s a New Year with new beginnings and new dreams. As we welcome it and mark the passing of the winter solstice with the upcoming festival of Lohri, homegrown brand, Pataaree has announced its glamorous new wedding collection, ‘Patakha Guddi’. 

This collection breaks free from the traditional stronghold of the banarasi silks and gota kinari associated with weddings to an out-of-the-box dazzling line for the brides-to-be. Inspired by pop culture, Patakha Guddi with its eye-popping colour combinations, sequins, shimmer and glitter is tailor-made for the new-age bride looking for something outstanding, fresh and unique. From parandis handwoven with an eclectic twist to the age-old azarband weave, dazzling wedding sneakers and shimmery sequined potlis to a tasteful touch of glitter and gold to the ‘suhag pitara’, festive mirror works on wedding boxes, the collection is scintillatingly glamorous.

“For six years now, ever since we founded Pataaree, we’ve been working on traditional designs with rich tapestries and fabrics, bright colours, embellished with gotas, mirrors and beads. From designing wedding trunks, boxes, the suhag pitara, the make-up and bangle box to the sahe chitthi, shagan envelopes, mithai boxes, every little thing/detail involved in the wedding prep, was inspired by our culture and roots. But as we’re growing domestically and internationally, it was time to break from tradition and scale, to experiment, unleash creativity and bring some pizzazz. The result -Patakha Guddi – It’s bright, bold, dazzling and truly Pataaree,” says Shagun Bawa, Founder, Pataaree. Interestingly, Shagun shifted base from the UK and came home to revive the tradition and with an innovative touch. Pataaree has been a route to roots.

One of their first events held at the Pataaree Studios in the Industrial Area, Chandigarh, the launch of Patakha Guddi was marked with the celebration of the festival of Lohri ‘Sundar Mundariye’ complete with the warmth of the bonfire, storytelling, giddha, dhol, and rounds of popcorn, groundnuts, rewdi, hot bread rolls, tea and coffee. The festivities went full swing with traditional Punjabi songs from Sunaini Guleria Sharma and Roop Kaur Kooner. “Lohri not only symbolises the beginning of new harvest, abundance, and sunny days ahead, but it also speaks of the man with a heart of gold and a real rebel, Dulla Bhatti, who saved girls, assured them a safe passage and took upon the task of getting them married. It’s this spirit of bravery, of giving, of camaraderie and inclusivity we are celebrating,” adds Shagun, whose team of craftsmen, artists, seamstresses and tailors hail from underprivileged backgrounds. Through Pataaree, she intends to train and uplift them, and provide employment benefits.

Carrying forth the legacy of her legendary grandmother Surinder Kaur and mother Dolly Guleria, Sunaini is the third-generation musician, entrepreneur and creative director, Do Re Me Creations Production and Publishing house which is constantly working towards the upliftment of society, especially girls. To help and raise funds for a marriage of 11 girls this January 29, Pataaree will be handing over ‘suhag pitaras’ through Sunaini to the Samay Sewa Samiti in Ahmedgarh.

About Pataaree

Founded in 2016, Pataaree comes from the Punjabi word, Pitara, a box. It’s a treasure box that makes every bride/bridegroom’s dream wedding come true with the perfect customised handmade bridal accessories, wedding decor and packaging. The brides carry their ‘suhag pataaree’ to their new home, packed lovingly with their things and family heirloom. From their signature, bridal trunks, sahi chitthi, potlis, shagan envelopes, mithai box, choorha kaleera box, to trousseau trunks, jewellery box and more, each and every piece is handcrafted in a distinct style and has a story to tell and passed down generations!

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