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Nostalgia for the Homeland

While most of us leave our country for greener pastures, there is no doubt in the fact that when we are abroad, we do miss India even if we are well-settled!

In the back of our mind, there are cherished memories, which always remind us of the happy times we had with our friends and family back home.

Starting this week, Tricity Scoop dedicates the month of January to all the NRIs as we observe NRI Day today.

This week, we spoke to three families from Tricity who had moved out, and in the coming weeks, we will be bringing some delightful stories of NRIs who are in the entertainment business and bringing smiles to our faces through their work.

The Gandotras

It has been twelve years since we bodily shifted to London, but not fully by Soul. Life is a composite package, and everybody chooses their own. Although we are now comfortably settled overseas, we still long to be in our motherland. Consequently, a lifestyle, where we lived at least for four months in India, evolved. Life in London is gratifying, and we thankfully, thoroughly enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Kestwals

For the past two years, life has been such a roller coaster ride, living with the fear of the Covid virus inside our home. It somehow now feels like a new normal, but not completely normal as we miss our family and friends back in India. Not meeting our family for more than two years has been such pain now. We miss meeting our family, friends, food and lots of fun activities that we used to do with them.

Eating typical street food, visiting places where we grew up, meeting up with everyone and the list is endless to fit into the list of things that we miss about India. Life in Ipswich has been great so far apart from COVID lockdown. Our 3-year-old daughter is enjoying her day-care and is making new friends, which overjoys me even more. While taking her to the park and going shopping with her, both of us make sure that we have a lovely family time outside of our daily routine whilst keeping COVID safe. Cooking international cuisines, playing games, reading books, and watching TV together are all keeping us happy and active.

The Ghais

They say, “Change is the law of nature”. It was a drastic change when we decided to leave our country to settle down in Canada in mid-2020 when COVID was at its peak. Back in India, everything was settled down in our lives, but we decided to start afresh on the soil, which is entirely different in all manners. Apart from childhood pal Deepak Kalsi, ‘complete lockdown’ welcomed us at Winnipeg, the second coldest city in the world.

If we talk about our experience with this ‘one of the most sought-after countries for immigrants across the globe’, Canada is a very different world. As most of the NRIs say here that this is the land where you can live your dreams, we find this statement, not a false one. Also, the fact is that everybody works hard here, and the system is in place to support them. Most of the people are honest and sincere with their work and jobs. Our new city (Winnipeg), which witnesses temperatures from minus 50 to plus 40 degrees Celsius in a span of a year) never stops even during extreme conditions. Lately, we are braving minus 30 degrees Celsius and below and surely, it’s not ‘cool’. This harsh weather undoubtedly has frozen rivers, lakes and all other water bodies but it has failed to freeze the spirit of the netizens here. The people here know very well how to keep their warmth intact.

Undoubtedly, life in Canada is very smooth, still, India is India. Despite several comforts and facilities, we miss our India and our Chandigarh (the City Beautiful) every moment. Due to the ongoing COVID problem, we could not visit India so far, but we are looking forward to making the program very soon.

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