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New Feat for Tricity’s ‘Hula Hoop’ Girl

Vaishnavi Gupta, who is just 9 and a student of Class 4 from Panchkula has made us all proud by breaking the Guinness World Record by climbing 50 steps in a record-breaking time of 14.84 seconds.

She had become the ‘Hula Hoop Girl’ last year, after she made a world record of rotating hula hoop around her waist 190 times in a minute, that too by standing on just one leg.

Tricity Scoop spoke to Vaishnavi about her accomplishments and records that she is aiming to set in the times to come.

Vaishnavi Gupta

Tell us about your experience of creating a world record by climbing steps while doing a hula hoop within a fraction of seconds?

I climbed 50 steps doing a hula hoop within 14.84 seconds. To break the Guinness World record, I practised at the Mata Mansa Devi temple. Whatever I do, I do it with dedication. Even during rainfall, I would go there and practise. Earlier it used to seem difficult that I would be able to break the world record, but I proved that with regular practice, everything is possible. I broke the previous record of climbing 50 stairs doing hula hoop in 18.28 seconds and became the youngest girl in the world to break this record.

What ignited your interest in hula hoop? Since when have you been practicing the same?

When I was in second class, I had to do one hula hoop step in one of my functions. That was when I decided that I would continue to practise hula hoop. I got tremendous support from Pooja Parkash, the principal of KBDAV School, where I am studying. I have been doing hula hoop since the last two years and ever since then, there has been no turning back.

What does a day in your life look like?

I work hard every day and always make time to practice my skills. I have learnt how important discipline is in life, hence I do all my work in time and follow a systematic routine.

Now that you have aced the art of hula hoop, what’s next? Do you plan to learn any other fun fitness sports?

I have sent in my entry for another record to the Guinness Book of World Records on July 27. I did 240 hula hoop rotations on one leg around the knee in one minute, thereby breaking the previous record of 215 rotations.

How do you strike a balance between your practice sessions and your studies?

My mother has made a timetable of my everyday routine whether it is tuition, play time, studies, breakfast or dinner timings – I strictly adhere to the same. My principal ma’am at KBDAV school also takes utmost care of me and helps me to maintain a balance between my practise time and studies.

What are some of your go-to practice/ leisure destinations in Chandigarh Tricity?

I have been practicing at Sukhna Lake steps as well, besides practicing at the Rose Garden and the school ground.

What do you like the most about your hometown, Panchkula?

I like the town park and green belts overall. It has a lot of open spaces and is altogether a well-planned, and well-developed beautiful city. The LED sign boards in Panchkula are also very attractive and I hope someday I will be there on one of these sign boards.

One final message for our readers.

Hard work can make anything possible and if you regularly practice something, you are sure to achieve anything in life.

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