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Meet Shreya Poonja: The Beauty Queen with Ancestral Ties to the Region

Shreya Poonja, who recently secured the title of first runner-up in the Femina Miss India 2023 pageant held in Imphal, is proud to have her roots in the region. Her father, Sanjay Poonja, hails from Punjab and takes pride in his Punjabi heritage. Sanjay’s forefathers had migrated from Pakistani Punjab to Indian Punjab after the partition. On the other hand, Shreya’s mother, Bharti Poonja, belongs to Himachal. Shreya and her family are currently residing in Delhi.

The Pillars of Support

Shreya gives credit to her parents for the feat. Shreya mentioned, “My parents have been instrumental in my win. I have not had an easy path to victory. However, my close friends and family members continued to support my vision and gave strength and encouragement to me whenever necessary.”

An Indomitable Will

Shreya says that she draws her strength from her ‘never-to-be-defeated’ spirit. “I believe that a never-to-be-defeated spirit helped me win the Femina Miss India-2023 first runner-up crown. It is a quality I have built into my personality, and this certainly is the most crucial aspect that helps me overcome obstacles in life. I believe in constantly working on myself and evolving into the best version every single day and this I focused on religiously,” said Shreya.

Sharing her feelings on winning the first runner-up spot in the coveted national pageant, Shreya said: “The feeling is settling in day by day. There were a lot of efforts that were put in the past few years and to have finally been able to achieve this makes me feel accomplished. The efforts have validated my victory.”

A Constant Journey

Reflecting about the Miss India journey so far, Shreya said, “I have evolved every single day of my 40-day journey. Learning new things about myself along the way. There were tight schedules and discipline of the self played an important part. Each individual had something great that they offered towards my journey, and I truly cherish the time now.”

Talking about her future plans, she said, “I have always been in love with the camera, for as long as I can remember! I am keenly interested in entertainment and show business and have already been working in the same since I was 17. I’m looking forward to commencing work soon.”

Words of Wisdom

When asked to share her tips for young girls preparing for the title, Shreya said that the most important thing I believe is to be truly happy with what you do and not let short-term wins or defeats sway you away.

“Have a clear vision of why you want to do something and then work towards it every second of every day. Soon things are bound to work your way. Do not get impatient with the results of your efforts. Please know that it is not the win but the habit of pushing yourself to the limit that will in time bear fruit,” she concluded.

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