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Meet and Greet Isha, The Happiness Motivator !!!

She is becoming a soul towards motivation exploring the happiness. Whatever she writes is the real life lessons that she is learning from her life. The motto of her writings is to sprinkle a pinch of happiness in one’s daily life through her positive yet motivational quotes.
Here are some of the ways she shared on how to add a pinch of happiness in one’s life –
● Keep your adventure alive
Being adventurous may be an ambiguous statement. There are many ways to be adventurous, and you just have to choose which one suits your personality, goals and life philosophy.
● The Meditation path
Meditation touches your inner soul which is as silent and empty as the sky. With every breath, the old moment is lost and a new moment arrives.
● Say Hi to Nature
Spending more time with nature shows a shift toward more positive moods. We respond positively to things that are good for us.
● Participate in social and cultural activies
Participation in itself has many benefits like it can help you boost up your confidence, challenge the inner self that helps you know more about you, realize your forgotten or present dreams, showcasing your talents and most of all being able to live completely to the fullest.
● Set happy goals that you know you can achieve
Having goals that we are passionate about gives us something to look forward to each and every morning when we wake up. If you are passionate about a goal or dream of yours then don’t stop until you achieve it.
● Share your feelings
As life is too short to hide your feelings. Don’t be afraid to say what you feel.
● Family and Friends: Always there to always care
In good or bad times, they can provide the affection and encouragement a person needs to be content. If a person has a strong family, they’ll always be able to find the love and support they need. With a bunch of such strong people behind them, a person will find the motivation and courage for success.
● Why to hold a grudge
When you hold a grudge, you’re recalling a past event and the negative emotions associated with it.  When you don’t let emotions get felt, they can get stored up. And when you keep your emotions within you, that can take up a lot of resources and energy.
● Commit to be fit
When we commit to remain fit in any form of physical exercise, we generally seem to feel happier and less anxious. Exercise helps boost your confidence because when you workout, you’re doing something challenging which gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Isha is a 22 years old social media influencer pursuing CA. She can be followed on social media at Instagram: a_pinchofhappiness and Facebook: @apinchofhappiness10

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