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Love is in the Hair!

What started as a normal journey from working at an ‘under the tree’ barbershop, to becoming a popular hair stylist now, Sahil Ali’s journey to success is no ordinary story. In this special Valentine’s Day issue, we speak to him, talking about his love for the profession and an inspiring story behind becoming a celebrity hairstylist with over 400K followers on Instagram.

Not only this, but he also shares a sneak-peek into the trending hairstyles for this Valentine’s Day and some easy-to-follow hair care tips for our readers. Happy reading!

You’re reckoned to be one of the most sought-after hair stylists in Chandigarh Tricity. Tell us about your humble beginnings?

I started work in 2005 when I was employed at a roadside barbershop and used to get Rs 20 per day. A few years later, I got a job at a reputed hairstyling salon in Panchkula and my work was just washing hair and to make clients wear the sheet used while haircut. But my seniors never let me learn anything, so I left the job after three months.

Tell us more about your experience so far. Where are you working currently?

I shifted to Ludhiana where I worked with several small salons and even went to Delhi to gain some experience. In 2011, I got a job as a hairstylist in a reputed Salon in Chandigarh. After working there for four years, in 2015, I joined Hair Masters as a junior hairstylist and in 2016, I started my Instagram page. I focused on my work and today, I am glad that people in Tricity know me for my work. I am now working here only, and my experience has been really good at Hair Masters where I have learnt a lot from my seniors.

What are some challenges that you had to face initially? How did you overcome them?

My life has been full of struggles all through, but I think that all of it is a part of learning.

As I told you, when I started my work, my income was very low, and later I had to work in several small salons for the experience. Wherever I worked before joining Hair Masters, my seniors never helped me grow so I was always considered very junior.

However, I continued to do my best and not be let down by others. This positive approach helped me sail through the challenges and I eventually managed to overcome them.

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, what are some hairstyles or trends that our readers should look out for?

As a hairstylist, I would recommend going for beach waves this Valentine, as beach waves are relaxed curls that are great for an everyday textured hairstyle. Beachy waves are a go-to celebrity hairstyle for a good reason – they look great on virtually everyone since the effortless look flatters all face shapes, hair types and ages. Beach waves are always the rage! After all, they look so glamorous and are super versatile.

Any hair care tips for all our readers?

We regularly wash our hair and different people use different shampoos as per their choice. We should always remember that we should use the shampoo that suits our hair, whichever brand it is, but yes, it should be a good brand’s shampoo.

What is important is that after applying shampoo we must use conditioner, but unfortunately, 50 percent of people do not apply conditioner after shampooing their hair.

This causes dry hair, leading to more breakage of hair. After applying the conditioner, hair should be dried using a dryer and water should not remain in the hair for long, because hair is like a sponge and becomes even drier after absorbing water.

Serum can be added after properly drying our hair, which will keep the hair naturally shiny and smooth.

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