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Love is A Lifelong Romance

Love is in the air!

Yes, Valentine’s Day not just brings along the message of love but also a reminder of how important loved ones are in our lives. On this special day, let your partner know how much you care for him or her but don’t forget that it’s not just one day, but a life-long romance which gives love its real meaning!

So, this Valentine’s Day, Tricity Scoop spoke to some Tricity couples about their definition of love and what are their plans for Valentine’s Day this year. We also asked them their go-to romantic destination in the Tricity.

Sahil and Stuti Jain

A Love Story Beyond Just Love

Stuti Jain and Sahil Jain are at their romantic best as always. Love is written and spelt differently in different parts of the world but felt the same way everywhere. “Ishq Kara Nahi Nibhaaya Jata Hai”, as they firmly believe. Love is so much more than we can understand. “For this year, as always, it’s impromptu for us, but nothing less than a surprise sneak-out date,” shares Sahil while sharing about their favourite destination being “Away from our two naughty kids anywhere where we can hide…A Ride with Love Tide…and with lots of food inside!”.

Saurabh and Ritika Garg

A Connection Between Two Souls

Ritika and Saurabh Garg precisely believe that for the world, Love can be a simple four-letter word but for them, it’s a word which has a very deeper meaning. “The fabric of love is woven by the feelings of truthfulness, commitment, mutual respect and happiness that the couple has for each other. It is making a deeper connection between two souls,” shares Ritika. “Valentine’s is all about spending quality time with each other. This year too we are planning to do the same. For us, the most romantic place in Tricity is being next to each other,” Saurabh smiles.

Archit and Anchal Dhingra

An Unflinching Commitment

Love birds Anchal and Archit Dhingra believe that “Love is the commitment to stay with each other through the thick and thin, sailing through the good and bad and coming out stronger and accepting each other’s imperfections, be it my messy hair or even his paunchy belly.”
“The challenge is to escape from the sight of two naughty kids and behave for a day just like we used to in our college days. What’s the harm in acting crazy in love and going for a drive uphill and maybe sipping some coffee at The Deck. The view will just add up to the romance for sure,” the duo adds.
Anchal and Archit recently explored Tulum in Sector 34, Chandigarh and they fell in love with its romantic ambience, which is perfect for a candlelit evening.

Kailash and Jyoti Dogra

An Unconditional Emotion

Jyoti and Kailash Dogra believe that love is a feeling which cannot be defined, as it happens without a reason and becomes a reason for living. “Valentine must be a foreign concept, but its widespread reach has only one motive, that is to spread love. But we feel that there is no special day to love any special one in your life and a special one can be anyone special,” shares Jyoti.

“If you really love anyone then for you, every day is Valentine’s day, but we can say that this day is a kind of excuse we express our love to each other more,” Kailash adds.

“The most romantic destination at Chandigarh for us is our home where we spend time together in a very comfortable and romantic way. We also love going to Sector 10 JC’s café as it is a lovely place to sit, talk and eat. We both personally feel the destinations aren’t romantic and it’s the people who make any place romantic,” the duo concludes.

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